#OscarsSoWhite, or To Boycott or Not to Boycott?

People of colour discuss the lack of diversity in nominees The Academy Awards seldom fail to present boundless glitz and glimmer, but on the diversity front, they’re undeniably lacking. Less than 150 people of colour have been nominated over the past 87 years. The Academy’s questionable nominee picks have been a topic of discussion for... Continue Reading

Pacific Centre security alarm demonstrates our true colours

Is “Innocent until proven guilty” just for show? In Canada we claim to believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We proudly strive to demonstrate acceptance towards all of our nation’s cultures. Judging by what happened to three British tourists on Jan. 12, however, those ideals are only words, not likely to translate into... Continue Reading

The No Pants SkyTrain Ride

I see London, I see France… Imagine you’re riding the SkyTrain. Now imagine everyone around you is slowly removing their pants and standing nonchalantly in their underwear. If you were on the Canada or Millennium line on Jan. 9, this probably happened to you in real life. The No Pants SkyTrain Ride draws inspiration from... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: What it means to make it

An interview with singer-songwriter Tamara Seeley Solo artist Tamara Seeley is a recent addition to Vancouver’s music scene. She left her hometown in Australia to play shows in Los Angeles, Calgary and New York, ending her journey here, where she’s now working and residing. Back in Australia, Seeley performed the songs off of her five-track... Continue Reading

Run-Down: The Kurds

Who are the Kurds in the Syrian Civil War? The Kurds are a Middle Eastern ethnic group that descended from the Iranian people. They are not united by a specific language or religion—though many follow Sunni Islam—but they do share a race and culture. Indigenous to the plains and highlands of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran,... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Destructive Interference

Rock, Physics, and Butt Touches: An Interview with Destructive Interference Rock n’ roll and physics don’t usually collide—but they did for Destructive Interference, a four-piece band living on the North Shore. The group got the idea for their name while at practice, thanks to frontman Derek Lionas’ extensive scientific knowledge. “One day we were jamming... Continue Reading

Why Vancouver’s Still “No Fun”

Vancouver just can’t shake its 15-year-old nickname, so hosts big party George Affleck, Vancouver’s Non-Partisan Association city councillor, believes his city is suffering from a “negative brand.” For years Vancouver has been saddled with the perception of being a “no-fun” city, trading its night-life for a high quality of living. “Right now, we don’t have... Continue Reading

Silent Auction Allows Community to Patronize KPU Fine Arts Students

Proceeds help fund next year’s grad show Last week provided an opportunity for local art enthusiasts to pay it forward at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Surrey campus. On Nov. 27,  KPU’s fine arts graduates hosted a silent auction, featuring works from students and faculty members alike. Reserved bids started at $50 and were increased by increments... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Comfort

Empty Alone, Better Together: An Interview with Mason McMorris of Comfort Mason McMorris lives for the little things. It’s part of what gives Comfort an ambient and immersive sound, along with their signature three-guitar setup. McMorris, Conner Elmes, and Alex Kappel each play electric guitar alongside bassist Tristyn Ginter and drummer Austin Smith-Greaves. By the... Continue Reading

Loose Lips Sinks Ships, Publishes Local Women’s Writing

New publication emerges as a “female lens of Vancouver” “The double meaning is absolutely on purpose,” laughs Brittany Tiplady, cofounder of Loose Lips Magazine. “At first, people are usually shocked or offended, but they’re always interested. That’s important to us.” It’s also important that Loose Lips, a newly founded, “female-focused arts and culture publication,” doesn’t... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: The Plodes

Burping the Baby: An Interview with The Plodes “Our show is probably a quarter to a third standup comedy,” says Reid Blakely, frontman of Vancouver-based punk rock duo, The Plodes. According to drummer Gemma Goletski, “It’s semi-improvised. Sometimes I’ll just say some garbage and think, ‘Oh, that was okay,’ so I do it six more... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: The Jins

Three-piece guitar-driven rockers bring reinvigoration to Vancouver’s music scene If The Strokes and Nirvana had a one night stand and produced a musical superbaby, you’d get The Jins. Though their recently released, self-titled EP is only six songs long, listening to it guarantees enough raw shouts and body-shaking riffs to satisfy a garage, alternative or... Continue Reading

Solo artist Jonah August preps for upcoming album

Expands home studio in preparation for debut Jonah August left home at 18 years old. Scraping together as much survival money as he could, he moved up to Salmon Arm, BC where he worked at a tree nursery and wrote his first record. Despite having a multi-instrumentalist for a father and playing bass in his... Continue Reading
Kat Nekuryashchikh

WOOW and KSA to launch self-defence classes in response to KPU sexual assault

Forthcoming class a step towards making people feel safer on campus An alleged incident of sexual assault on the Richmond campus has sparked change at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, beginning with the desire to foster a safer environment for female-identifying students. Kwantlen’s administration got in touch with Women Organizing Opportunities for Women and the Kwantlen Student... Continue Reading