Second Annual SEXPO Stresses the Importance of Sexual Awareness and Knowledge

Guest speakers included students, graduates, and YouTuber Laci Green Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault. For the second year in a row, SEXPO—Sexual Education eXplores Positivity and Openness—offered students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University a chance to talk about sex. As with last year, the conference was held by the Kwantlen Student Association’s Peer Support... Continue Reading

KPIRG Asks Students to Get Dis/Oriented

Two weeks of events offer a different sort of student orientation The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group’s annual Diso/Orientation series—titled DisO Days this year—was different from your typical university orientation. Whereas most orientations are meant to familiarize new students with the way things are done at a post-secondary institution, KPIRG’s events had been designed specifically... Continue Reading

Hollywood’s ongoing whitewashing is problematic

Nina Simone’s character should have been better cast Hollywood has often been criticized for whitewashing, using white actors to portray people of colour. Their latest example, where Zoe Saldana portrays Nina Simone in the newly released biopic of the singer’s life, is no exception. Simone was a black woman in a racially conflicted society, in... Continue Reading

The Black History Month Confabulation

SCC and KPIRG hold two-day event to celebrate African Heritage Black History Month is important to Canadian culture. It’s an observance that needs to be greatly acknowledged and taught through our educational system. That’s why Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Students of Colour Collective, with the help of the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group, organized a two... Continue Reading
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Meet Pulp Magazine’s New Staff

Kwantlen’s Arts and Literary Publication enters third year with a new generation Since its inception in the spring of 2012, Pulp magazine has been tri-annually publishing the art and literature of Kwantlen Polytechnic University students and distributing it to all four KPU campuses. This semester the magazine has experienced a complete turnover in staff as... Continue Reading
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The “F” Word: Beyonce and Feminism

Beyonce’s Brand of Feminism The dark stage is suddenly lit. Light pours down towards the massive, capitalized white letters that together spell out “FEMINIST.” A silhouette of a woman stands proudly in front of the sign, locks blowing in the wind. She fiercely, heroically claims a taboo title. It is 2014, and Beyonce Knowles has... Continue Reading

The "F" Word: Free The Nipple

Free The Nipple All nipples are equal. That’s the message that Lina Esco, activist and producer of the 2013 documentary Free the Nipple, is hoping to communicate through her work. Ever since her best friend’s mother was kicked out of a church for the crime of breastfeeding, Enesco has been dedicated to the Free The... Continue Reading

The "F" Word: pro-choice or anti-choice, it's still a woman's issue

Let’s talk about one of the most controversial topics in society—abortion.  This matter seems never-ending because it’s one of those topics that splits society right down the middle. According to, abortion is one of their biggest and most divisive issues, as the poll usually stands at more or less 50 per cent while most... Continue Reading