The Vancouver housing market is teetering

More regulations are needed before the whole thing collapses Many people will tell you the housing market in Vancouver is a house of cards, but realistically a Jenga tower is a more apt comparison. People are not only adding to the problem, they’re compromising the structure as they do it. Housing prices in the city... Continue Reading

Universities shouldn’t ban student-faculty relationships

We’re all consenting adults here As of late, the University of British Columbia’s interim President Dr. Martha Piper has been discussing a potential policy reform which would see the regulation of student-faculty relationships at the university. In practice, the policy she’s discussing would be less of a regulation and more of an outright ban on... Continue Reading

Co-operative education adds value to our degrees

Enhancing learning in a society focused on jobs The purpose of education is a question we ask ourselves throughout our university experience. Whether you’re just starting to attend university or are already on a trajectory to finishing, it’s easy for the answer to get lost amidst the various entrance requirements, classes, clubs, work responsibilities, and... Continue Reading

BC’s Wolf Cull Is Nothing But A Selective Slaughter Program

Society should be more concerned with removing our impact on nature The B.C. government is a firm believer in supporting the lesser of two evils. In terms of conservation in the British Columbian wilderness, the “lesser evil” happens to be the mass killing of wolves in support of our province’s dwindling caribou population. Saving one... Continue Reading

KSA representatives meet with Conservative MP Watts

Discuss funding, transit, and a potential youth council The Kwantlen Student Association’s latest lobbying efforts included meeting with Conservative MP for South Surrey-White Rock, Dianne Watts. At the meeting, they discussed education funding, transit priorities, a youth council, and a number of other issues pertaining to students. Alex McGowan, the KSA’s vice-president external, represented the... Continue Reading
Scott McLelland / The Runner

Swatting Is Not a Prank, It’s Much Worse

When online harassment breaks into the real world Pranks, on the most basic level, are fundamental to how we interact with others. They can break tension, release stress and promote playful competition. But we must always remember the old saying, “It’s all fun and games until someone shits their pants.” Some forms of pranking have,... Continue Reading

Video Game Logic: The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan shows, doesn’t tell Genre: First Person Adventure Release: (PS3) October 2012 (PS4 & Vita) October 2014 Platforms: PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita Remember when you were a kid, you could become so engrossed in a story you’d begin to imagine yourself as a character inside it? This is exactly what The Unfinished... Continue Reading

Scarlett Jane—The Every Woman Band

“The universe was telling us to start a chick band. And that’s what we did.” Scarlett Jane might sound like the name of a jazz singer, wrapped up in a beautiful red dress and crooning torch songs in a blues bar for a dozen candle-light patrons. Or maybe she’s the folk singer at the head... Continue Reading
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Surrey’s Pride and Joy

Local Pride event brings fun, awareness to Holland Park Starting on June 26, Holland Park proudly showcased its colours as the venue for the 16th annual Surrey Pride Weekend and Festival. The three-day celebration of events included live entertainment, food and activities open to all members of the community. Culminating on Sunday, the final one-day... Continue Reading

One province under real-time intelligence

Informally known as the new “crime-fighting centre,” the Real Time Intelligence Centre- B.C.’s official opening in Surrey was presented to the public via a live-streaming event held at B.C. RCMP headquarters. The press conference highlights the successes and benefits of the centre, although there are concerns over civil liberty, and critical evaluations of the opening of such a centre.... Continue Reading

Thirteenth Perspective

Fine Arts Grad Show creates art for art’s sake. A more immersive experience is what’s in store for visitors to this year’s KPU Bachelor of Fine Arts graduation show, 13th Perspective. Taking place on April 17, in an enormous studio space provided to the fine arts department at the Cloverdale campus, the event will feature... Continue Reading

Video Game Logic: Shadow of the Colossus

Every industry has its influential outliers that set the course for future endeavors, and for the medium of video games Shadow of the Colossus is definitely one of those. Nearly 10 years old now, the game doesn’t stand on the shoulders of giants—in this case, it is the giant.... Continue Reading

Summoning: Walk into the light

KPU professor examines women’s voices in latest installment. “Beams of light.” That’s how creative writing professor Nicola Harwood describes her latest art installment, currently scheduled to open a year from now, in August 2016. Entitled Summoning, the idea for the installation began as a conversation with the project’s event producer, friend and previous collaborator of... Continue Reading

Return to Roots

The agricultural landscape is one of the most recognizable features about the Lower Mainland and to many who resides here it is also a place juxtaposed with rapid development. British Columbia’s agricultural canvas is one where the developed bleeds into the rural, while at the same time offering a stark contrast in the form of abandoned plots and rusting machinery.... Continue Reading