Electoral Reform Needed for True Democracy

It’s time for FPTP to go, whether the Liberals or the electorate make the decision It’s been speculated that a preliminary survey, which will be conducted in early December, might be the precursor to a national referendum on whether or not the electoral system should change. While a referendum result that opposes the change would... Continue Reading

The Tyee Begins Fundraising for Improved Election Coverage

B.C. publication hopes to raise  $50,000 to pay for a voter’s guide to provincial election The Tyee Begins Fundraising for Improved Election Coverage B.C. publication hopes to raise $50,000 to pay for a voter’s guide to provincial election Braden Klassen, Contributor The Tyee, an internet publication based in Vancouver, announced on Nov. 21 that they... Continue Reading

Aspiring Parents Should Be Required to Obtain a License to Have Children

It takes a village to raise a child, especially when the parents happen to be village idiots You’ve heard it before—being a parent is hard. Extremely hard. For many people it may be the most difficult thing they ever have to do. In the confines of modern society, it seems like there are an infinite... Continue Reading

The Federal Liberals Have Let Down Their Electorate with Support for LNG

Sustainability is not a spectrum In a disappointing move that contradicts their earlier promises of championing environmental sustainability, the federal government has given their authoritative approval of the Pacific NorthWest Liquified Natural Gas project, a $36-billion natural gas liquefaction and export facility that would play a role in the processing and overseas exportation of gas... Continue Reading

KSA to Attend Canadian Alliance of Student Association Advocacy Week in Ottawa

CASA members will gather this November to collaborate on policy change On Oct. 6 the KSA approved the release of $6,500 for the upcoming Canadian Alliance of Student Associations Advocacy Week. According to KSA President Alex McGowan, the funds are meant to cover “flights and accommodation and the registration fee, plus per diem, so food... Continue Reading

Crime and Punishment and Creep Catchers

The pitfalls of vigilante justice It seems that there has always been a special place for the extrajudicial vigilante in our culture. From Batman to Dirty Harry to that masked dude from V for Vendetta, popular narratives have run wild with gritty, vindictive anti-heroes that endeavor to take justice into their own hands for better... Continue Reading

KSA By-Election Candidates Announced

Eight nominees will be running for five spots on council On Thursday, Oct. 13, the names of all of the candidates participating in the Kwantlen Student Association by-election were released. The by-election polling is scheduled to take place on Oct. 25 and 26, whereupon all students will be able to cast their votes for their... Continue Reading

KPU’s Fourth Annual Pow Wow a Celebration of Aboriginal Culture

The event featured stunningly elaborate regalia, and equally stunning dance moves Over the course of ten hours on Sept. 24, KPU held its fourth annual Pow Wow in the Cedar building’s gymnasium. A variety of dance competitions were held throughout the day, and willing participants were invited to don their traditional regalia and dance in... Continue Reading

KSA Holds Annual General Meeting

New SUB process voted by members to continue Though the Kwantlen Student Association wasn’t able to change their bylaws due to a lack of quorum, members voted to continue with the process of constructing a student union building on campus. “Our bylaws don’t allow us to amend our bylaws unless we have 200 people at... Continue Reading

Pour Some Sugar on Me, Baby

Some online dating sites offer new opportunities for aspiring sugar babies   It’s 2016, and most of us are familiar with the concept of the online dating scene. The premise is simple: you pick a site, create an online profile with a description (perhaps slightly embellished) and a picture of yourself, then you search through... Continue Reading

Student Business Ideas Take Flight at KPU Eagles Den Competition

Winner says most of the work was “just showing up” Last month the annual Eagles’ Den business idea pitch competition was held in the Richmond campus conference centre. The competition pits Kwantlen Polytechnic University students against one another in a bid to present their business ideas to a judge’s panel, all in the hopes of... Continue Reading

Diversity, Representation and The Revenant

An interview with actor Duane E Howard “I had to go inside myself—go back into my past life of the dark experiences. I had pretty challenging times when I was young,” says Duane Howard, who plays Elk Dog in the Oscar-nominated film, The Revenant. Howard, who grew up in Port Alberni before moving to Vancouver... Continue Reading

Abbotsford Hip Hop Artist Takes Aim at Street Violence

Saint Soldier’s new single ‘A Stray” addresses what can be done to curb gang culture Abbotsford hip hop artist Amrit Saggu, who goes by the name Saint Soldier, published a music video to his Facebook page on Jan. 7 which accompanied the song “A Stray”, a single off of his upcoming album Duality. The song... Continue Reading

Local Rappers Catch Beef, the Province’s Attention

From mean tweets to diss tracks, here’s what rap rivalries are all about Like most 21st century drama, it all started with an impulsive and ill-conceived Twitter provocation. On Oct. 29, BC rap veteran and ex-Swollen Members vocalist Shane “Madchild” Bunting issued a tweet calling out his longtime friend and collaborator, William “Snak the Ripper”... Continue Reading

The Cultch Asks Vancouverites, Are We Cool Now?

Dan Mangan’s music makes for one hell of an indie rock road trip “Are you watching – or just waiting to see?” Are We Cool Now, starring Penelope Corrin and Ben Elliot and directed by Amiel Gladstone is a romantic play featuring the heartfelt and introspective songs of Vancouver’s beloved singer-songwriter Dan Mangan. The play... Continue Reading