Canada Should Consider Electing Its Judges

I remember being very surprised when I found out that Canadian citizens do not have the right to elect judges. Instead, they are appointed by committees and the government. While I hope the provincial or federal government would choose a reputable judge, this also makes it more likely that they will choose a judge they... Continue Reading

How Debt Continues To Cause Problems For Canadian Couples

Whether it’s dysfunctional debt, financial dishonesty, or just poor personal management, money problems have the potential to break up both long and short-term relationships. Dysfunctional debt is debt which causes emotional, financial, and mental strain on the individuals who have acquired it. In many cases, it can also affect this person’s relationships with friends, family,... Continue Reading

How a Canadian Organization is Helping the Business of Cellular Agriculture Grow

Cellular agriculture has found its way into the American food industry, and Canada is about to get a taste of it. According to the research platform Cell Agri, Cellular Agriculture is the process of growing certain agricultural products directly from cell cultures in a lab instead of using livestock. The market for lab-grown, or cultured... Continue Reading

Vancouver Should Take Notes on Copenhagen’s Bike System

When you think about it, Metro Vancouver has a pretty good bike system in place. There are many beautiful trails for bike riding in the city of Vancouver and its surrounding areas. From biking around the Seawall or Queen Elizabeth Park to cruising around Richmond and enjoying a thrilling ride in Steveston, there’s lots of... Continue Reading

The Langley Farmers Market Is on Hiatus for 2020

The Langley Community Farmers Market Society recently announced their decision to go on hiatus after a “disappointing market season in 2019.” They will not be organizing a 2020 farmers market due to a lower number of customers and “society revenues that fell significantly below projections,” according to a press release posted on their website in... Continue Reading

Where KPU Stands on Fossil Fuel Divestment

In a 2014 meeting, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Board of Governors made a decision not to divest in the fossil fuel industry. The minutes from that meeting show that the VP Finance & Administration at the time, Gordon Lee, reported on both RBC Dominion’s and HSBC’s responses to the possibility of KPU divesting in the fossil... Continue Reading

EXPLAINER: What to Expect From the Federal Government in 2020

In October 2019 the Liberal party was voted into a minority government, which could potentially last for another four years. A little more than a month after the election, Governor General Julie Payette delivered the Liberal throne speech. It highlighted concerns from Canadians and how the government plans to address them. The speech touched on... Continue Reading

British Columbians Need to Be Smarter About Winter Preparations

Winter in Canada is brutal. I can’t believe there are actually places in Canada that experience weather that gets colder than -15° C on a regular basis. As someone who lives in Metro Vancouver, I’m pretty sure the coldest winter I’ve experienced is -8° C, and so as much as I understand that I live... Continue Reading

EXPLAINER: The Provincial Inquiry Into B.C. Gas Prices

Gas prices in B.C. are on the rise, and it appears that major companies still don’t know the true reason why. British Columbians are well aware of the high prices they pay at the pump, with Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island receiving the short end of the stick. This past May, Premier John Horgan issued... Continue Reading

How To Stay Festive But Frugal This Holiday Season

Christmas Frugality is an Art Form, So Get Crafty By Jayne Wright, Contributor ‘Tis the season for peppermint hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and giving the ones you love gifts of appreciation. But for many of us, the seasonal change doesn’t change the fact that we are still poor students trying to save money by making... Continue Reading

Potential New High Speed Rail System to Connect Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland

A summit discussing the possibility of creating a high speed rail system that connects three of the major Northwest Pacific cities was held from Nov. 6-8 in Seattle, Washington. This summit focused on the various studies that have indicated the benefits and possible profits of building the rail system. It also touched on some “important... Continue Reading

Millennial Burnout: Two Student Perspectives

Academic Workism Pushes Students Past Their Limits Jayne Wright There is a new idea emerging in North America: the concept of “workism,” which suggests that the most personal fulfilment can be found through professional achievement. Derek Thompson works for the Atlantic and is a self-professed “workaholic.” He has researched the concept of workism and the... Continue Reading

Vancouver Ranks Among the Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Vancouver is now considered the fifth most beautiful city in the world, according to a ranking published by FlightNetwork, an online travel agency based in Canada. According to the agency, the list was created using input from “Travel Writers, Travel Bloggers and Travel Agencies from all around the globe, who have seen and experienced the... Continue Reading

Riding Profile: Richmond Centre

Steven Kou The Liberal Party Kou currently works as an accountant. He received his Bachelor’s degree in 1991 from the University of Lanzhou, located in Northwest China, and immigrated to Canada 10 years later. Afterwards, he completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of British Columbia in 2006 before receiving his Master’s in law... Continue Reading

Wrist and Hand Scanning Payment Violates User Privacy and Should Not Be Implemented

Remember the days when contactless pay didn’t exist? When you physically had to put your bank card into a debit machine and key in your pin number in order to be approved for a payment? Yes, those days seem so far away, but if you really think about it, it was not that long ago.... Continue Reading