Explainer: The Federal Government's New Grants and Opportunities for Students

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced the Canada Student Service Grant which his office says will help “post-secondary students and recent graduates as they volunteer to serve in their communities’ COVID-19 response.” A single payment of between $1,000 to $5,000 will be given to each student or graduate. The amount given to them will depend... Continue Reading

Vancouver’s African Descent Festival Will Be Partially Online this Summer

For the first time, the African Descent Festival will be hosted online this year to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 among attendees. Yasin Kiraga created the event in 2015 to bring “people of African descent together.” According to Kiraga, the festival was launched as an awareness campaign for promoting the art and culture of people... Continue Reading

Why Some Advocates are Calling to Defund the VPD

Calls to defund various police departments have been on the rise since the Black Lives Matter protests came in full force after the unjust murder of a Black man, George Floyd. Various cities across the United States like Minneapolis, New York, and Los Angeles have seen an increase in discussions about defunding police departments since... Continue Reading

Debate: B.C. Is Slowly Reopening at the Right Time

Read the other side of this debate here. The province of British Columbia revealed its restart plan for the province last month. The restart plan contains four phases, and the province is currently in the second phase, which includes the opening of salons, barbershops, restaurants, and retailers. These businesses can open as long as they... Continue Reading

The Kwantlen St. Farmers Market Opens with Social Distancing Protocols

The Kwantlen St. Farmers Market will be open every Tuesday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm between May 12 until Oct. 6. It’s also moving to a new location: Brighouse Park in Richmond, B.C. The market will be encouraging social distancing and introducing new products. “They’ve laid out a series of regulations that all farmers... Continue Reading

How KPU’s Nursing Program is Adjusting During the Pandemic

Kwantlen Polytechnic University has announced its plan to continue online learning for the fall semester with “limited on-campus learning opportunities, focused on those courses that require the use of labs, shops, studios, etc., and where the number of students on campus at any given time can be tightly managed.” The nursing program requires in-person learning... Continue Reading

Explainer: TransLink’s Plan to Resume Fare Collection

TransLink has announced its decision to resume fare collection on June 1, almost four months after it was initially suspended. Since the pandemic began, TransLink has taken many steps to ensure social distancing between employees and passengers. A March press release announced that there would be limited seating on buses, and that once passenger capacity... Continue Reading

KPU Bookstore Introduces Curbside Textbook Pickup

KPU’s bookstore recently announced a safe way for students to pick up their textbooks for the upcoming semester: Curbside pickup at the Surrey Campus or delivery by mail. Karsten Purbs, Director of Ancillary Services at KPU, says the bookstore is closed to students and that some may not want their textbooks delivered through mail. “The... Continue Reading

How Dr. Balbir Gurm’s Fight For Social Justice Fueled the Creation of NEVR

Many may recognize Dr. Balbir Gurm as an accomplished and driven instructor in Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s faculty of health program. When Gurm isn’t educating the nursing students at KPU, she’s fighting for justice for people experiencing violence at the hands of those close to them. One of the many ways she does that is through... Continue Reading

Students Looking for Summer Jobs Can Still Apply for Essential Work

Students who rely on summer jobs are facing employment uncertainty as companies shut down in adherence with social distancing orders. This summer, mostly only essential jobs will be available to students, and the B.C. government released a list of essential service providers including transit workers, grocery store clerks, delivery service workers, and more. Grocery stores... Continue Reading

Explainer: Why Vancouver is Losing $4 Million Every Week of the Pandemic

Mayor Kennedy Stewart identified Vancouver as one of the Canadian cities “in financial trouble due to the impacts of COVID-19” in a statement issued by the City in early April, and estimated that the City is losing between $4 million and $5 million every week due to the effects of the pandemic. Five days later,... Continue Reading

Volunteers In Vancouver Step up to Help Those Affected By COVID-19

An online group called Coming Together Vancouver has formed to offer support to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. The volunteers have come together to create a GoFundMe Campaign to provide relief for those suffering due to the social and economic impacts of COVID-19. According to a press release from the group, over 300... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Chelsea Franz The artist and poet who has grown from being an uninterested student to a community leader at KPU

Chelsea Franz is an artist on the road to completing her creative writing degree at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. During her time at KPU, Franz made sure to leave her mark, from starting clubs, to creating and reviving community connections on campus. As she gets closer to graduating, she wants to share her story and continue... Continue Reading

Canada Should Consider Electing Its Judges

I remember being very surprised when I found out that Canadian citizens do not have the right to elect judges. Instead, they are appointed by committees and the government. While I hope the provincial or federal government would choose a reputable judge, this also makes it more likely that they will choose a judge they... Continue Reading

How Debt Continues To Cause Problems For Canadian Couples

Whether it’s dysfunctional debt, financial dishonesty, or just poor personal management, money problems have the potential to break up both long and short-term relationships. Dysfunctional debt is debt which causes emotional, financial, and mental strain on the individuals who have acquired it. In many cases, it can also affect this person’s relationships with friends, family,... Continue Reading