(Nicola Kwit)

Social Media Helps Breath New Life Into Old Artforms

You’ve probably seen them on your feed as you’ve scrolled through various slime videos and Jeff Goldblum appreciation posts. Instapoets—who, as you might guess, are poets whose fan bases are bolstered mainly through the app Instagram—are becoming increasingly prevalent. Celebrities have quoted them, their works have become bestsellers, and almost every social media-savvy person nowadays... Continue Reading
The BC NDP have been criticized for deleting emails in a manner that made them inaccessible to the public. (Braden Klassen)

Explainer: The NDP Email Deletion Scandal

During the NDP’s first 100 days in power, seven of Premier Horgan’s staff members and three of the party’s ministers were caught deleting emails from their work accounts.  Every single email sent by John Horgan and his closest employees was deleted. These included emails focused on policy changes, hiring staff, and setting budgets. Don Wright,... Continue Reading
(Konstantin Vasiliv @RESLUS)

Laws Surrounding Revenge Porn Fail to Consider Gender and Sexuality

“Revenge porn” has come back into Canada’s conversation—only this time, UBC student Moira Aikenhead hopes that changing the way it is tried will help put the blame back on the perpetrators. Revenge porn is sexually explicit material released online without the consent of—and usually, to harm the reputation of—one of the involved parties. The victim... Continue Reading

Classic Sci-Fi Meets Modern Programming at the Surrey Art Gallery

Created by Ben Bogart, a local artist who takes a research-based approach to computational creativity, Watching and Dreaming shows viewers three classic sci-fi films from the machine’s point of view. As part of the exhibit, Bogart employs machines which deconstruct and reassemble Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982), and... Continue Reading