Indigenous Community Justice Lecture Series Provides a Platform for First Nations Speakers

In accompaniment with Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s new Indigenous Community Justice program, ICJ instructor Lisa Monchalin is coordinating the Indigenous Community Justice Lecture Series. The series has seen activists, allies, and performers visit the Surrey campus nearly every Tuesday night this semester to talk about Indigenous issues. “When the new minor in Indigenous Community Justice had... Continue Reading

Great Faculty Diversity Means a Closer Connection

Walking around campus, you’re sure to notice how multicultural our student body is, but does the diversity translate to KPU’s faculty? In general, it doesn’t seem like KPU’s faculty is any more or less diverse than the majority of institutions around the province. Reflecting diversity in employment is a never ending work-in-progress, so of course... Continue Reading

KPU Partners with dnaPower to Study Nutrigenomics

Researchers will be looking at how genetics can affect your diet Stephanie Davies, Contributor KPU and North Vancouver-based research company dnaPower are working together in the field of nutrigenomics. “We have partnered with [KPU] and Dr. Karen Davison. What we want to do is be able to look at how DNA information and genetic information... Continue Reading

KPU, SFU Researchers Receive Grant to Help with “Clean Food” Project

More than $725,000 will go towards developing ways of bringing clean food and water to areas challenged by climate change Stephanie Davies, Contributor KPU and SFU researchers have received a three-year grant of more than $725,000 from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada College University Idea to Innovation. This grant will advance their... Continue Reading

New Gun Regulations in the Fraser Valley Don’t Go Far Enough

Legislation targeting recreational shooters is a start, but hunters should also face greater restriction Stephanie Davies, Contributor The Fraser Valley region is home to a great number of rural areas, but its wild and free nature has been greatly abused by certain residents. It’s become a popular spot for gun owners to use as a... Continue Reading

The Living Wage in Fraser Valley is Still Too High

Nuclear and non-nuclear families struggling to make ends meet Stephanie Davies, Contributor A report published by The Abbotsford News reveals that the 2017 living wage in the Fraser Valley is $15.90—a 38-cent difference from last year’s wage of $16.28. $15.90 is the hourly wage that a family of four—two working parents with two children—needs to... Continue Reading

Why is it so expensive to fly in Canada?

Answer: it’s really, really big Flights in Canada are known to cost a small fortune as compared to other countries. One of the main reasons for this is that we only have two major domestic airlines: Air Canada and Westjet.   The level of competition between airlines and airfare doesn’t exist here like it does... Continue Reading

KPU Slam Poetry Team… Assemble!

Slamapalooza’s new team discuss the poems that got them where they are Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s monthly slam poetry event—Slamapalooza—has produced a new team that will compete this October at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Winnipeg. “We start counting points in September, that’s when our season begins,” explains Simon Massey, host of Slamapalooza and... Continue Reading

The Shocking! The Strange! The Weirdest Courses at KPU

At least you can say we’re one-of-a-kind Kwantlen Polytechnic University is anything but an “ordinary university.” And we wouldn’t have it any other way. KPU is known for its industry-ready programs—particularly for those meeting the demands of “niche” industries—in which the same level of training a student receives here is not likely to be found... Continue Reading

KPU awards honourary degrees to remarkable recipients

A mathematician, an arbitrator, and a manufacturer walk into a university… On May 31 Kanwal Singh Neel, a retired mathematics educator, received his honourary degree from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Neel continues to offer his expertise to SFU’s Friends of Simon Tutoring Program, which is dedicated to training university students as literacy tutors for immigrants and... Continue Reading

A Stroll Down KPU’s Hall of Fame

Studying the habits of highly successful KPU graduates Last year, Kwantlen Polytechnic University produced 2,990 graduates. At the end of May yet another class of Kwantlen Polytechnic University graduates will leave their institution behind. Some will be entering the workforce for perhaps the first time, others will already be employed in their chosen fields. Many... Continue Reading

KPU alumna wins second consecutive Van Slam Championship

Victor says it’s important to know the purpose of your poem Kwantlen Polytechnic University alumna Tasha Receno is Vancouver’s Poetry Slam Champion for the second consecutive year. She is the first poet since Shane Koyczan—famous for his performance at the 2010 Olympics opening ceremony—to win the Van Slam Championship two years in a row. “I... Continue Reading

Reforming Canadian Content

Within Rust discusses getting in tune with today’s industry Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly has proposed a reform of our government’s Canadian Content laws. These laws haven’t been updated since Mulroney’s administration in 1991, so the goal is to bring them up to date with 21st Century radio and television broadcasting. Due to radical changes in... Continue Reading

Government apologies need follow-through to have impact

Being sorry without action is not truly being sorry Canadians are stereotypically known for apologizing for pretty much everything. Our extensive list notably includes apologizing for historic injustices and, in recent decades, Canadian politicians have with greater frequency formally apologizing for the racist and discriminatory actions of our predecessors. The multicultural nature of Canada means... Continue Reading

The significance of learning another language

Parlez-vous? The globalization of English may have reduced some anglophones’ willingness to adopt non-native tongues. Now many English speakers ask, is learning another language really worth it? Of course it is. Languages shape the world. They impact everything, from history, to art, to politics, to entire identities. From the most intimate viewpoint they shape the... Continue Reading