90s Movies

By Michela Fiorida [Sports Bureau Chief]

Perhaps you remember them, or maybe you’ve erased them permanently from your thoughts. Either way, let’s take a trip down memory lane and recall the top ten most disturbing animated childhood movies:

1 The Last Unicorn – This movie, as you may recall, commences with this creepy looking unicorn looking into her reflection asking, in the eeriest voice ever, “I am the last unicorn?”…..if you’ve seen this movie those words continue to haunt you to this day….

2 Ferngully: The Last Rainforest – It was all fun and games until that pollution thing came along and destroyed the rainforest, and my childhood in the process…

3 A Troll in Central Park – Gnorga the queen…*shudder*

4 The Princess and the Goblin – Does anyone remember how the goblins were animated? They couldn’t have made them any more repulsive. And really, the breasts on the central female goblin are beyond traumatizing.

5 The Secret of NIMH – Where to start with THIS one? The swarming rats, the one-eyed cat, the death and disease, the experimentation on animals, the ominous rose bush… What a gem, this movie really made me smile… Not.

6 Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland – Not related to the happy childrens’ movie “Finding Nemo”, this is a whole different beast. The black tar creature is even more terrifying than the pollution thing in Ferngully.

7 Rock-A-Doodle – Ahh Chanticleer, the happy-go-lucky rooster delighted me as a child, until that owl thing named Duke showed up and tortured everyone. I still break out into a cold sweat whenever I see an owl.

8 All Dogs go to Heaven – This movie isn’t about cuddly puppies – it’s about gambling, smoking, hell, death, poverty, and gay alligators – all that good stuff you want kids to be exposed to.

9 The Brave Little Toaster – Giant, angry appliances with teeth, need I say more?

10 Oliver and Company – Images of vulnerable Oliver the kitten in his little cardboard box getting washed away by the rain still makes me tear up and it evokes a deep hatred for all of humanity.

I highly recommend that you YouTube some of these. Watching them is like being on some crazy acid trip.


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