Fashion Frenzy: Natalie Mussell

Natalie Mussell; fine arts major

“When I was kid I couldn’t fully express myself with words, so I tried to express myself in other ways … I try to express myself just by looking. In a way, I am an art piece.”

(Mark Stewart/The Runner)

(Mark Stewart/The Runner)

Runner: Who or what inspires you to dress the way you do?
Natalie: Growing up in Surrey I was always inspired by Indo-Canadians and the way cultures would mix. I didn’t see it as us and them, but more of being a part of that mixed culture. Also, Gonzo the Great from The Muppets.

R: Where do you typically going shopping for your clothes?
N: The thrift store because I’m really cheap.

R: What is your favourite article of clothing that you are wearing today?
N: My genie pants are definitely my favourite. I like how loose and comfortable they are. I also like my goggles from Venus and Mars — which also give me the biggest stares.


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