Runner Debate: Was Harper a Force for Good or Evil? (Pro Side)

Hopefully the last time I’ll have to defend Harper Click here to see the other side! While I certainly didn’t vote for the Conservatives in 2015, I certainly don’t think Harper is as bad as everyone says he was. It should go without saying that Harper wasn’t the best Prime Minister we’ve ever had, but... Continue Reading

Going Global: The relationship between the House of Saud and the U.S. is an awkward one

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” is the battle thesis of modern statecraft, and one often applied to the relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. No great power gets away with a clean conscience, and that can be seen when the U.S. will, on one hand, completely condemn and act against the... Continue Reading

Editorial: Meet Your New School, Same as the Old School

From the Editors As with all universities, your experience will be what you make of it. When I first came to Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2012, I would do nothing but simply show up for class, take notes, and leave. I wasn’t making many friends, nor did I feel a strong connection to the school.... Continue Reading

From the Editors: News

It’s better than you think Lately the news appears to be much more depressing than usual. Shootings in the U.S. are constantly being reported, Turkey almost had a military junta, and there was another massacre in France. It would appear at first glance that the world is getting worse. I’m not the only one who’s... Continue Reading

Going Global: Turkey

What does a coup d’état mean for Turkey’s geopolitical situation? Editors note: The situation in Turkey is rapidly changing, and as a result, this article will surely be out of date by print time. Two weeks ago, a portion of Turkey’s military attempted to assert control over the country. While there are many longform articles... Continue Reading

KPU breaks ground on new design school building

Project expected to be finished by Fall 2017 Construction has officially begun on the long-awaited Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design building. The building, at Richmond campus, will be 6,000 square metres and constructed with the needs of the design school in mind. The new building has been in the pipeline for a long... Continue Reading

Going Global: Brexit

You win, you daft buggers In one night, my British passport loses the majority of its value. I’m mad as hell. For once, a world event has directly and concretely had an affect on my life, and in a very bad way. I’ve had the hope of living and working in Europe after my graduation... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Democracy

Democracy hurts, sometimes In most democracies, we elect politicians to make tough decisions on our behalf. Said politicians are—hopefully—elected due to them being of sound mind, and hold an ideology that matches that of the people who elect them. These people are paid a high sum to speak to their constituents and conduct research to... Continue Reading

KSA Executives seek to reform roles

Executives of the Kwantlen Student Association have sought to tweak their roles since their annual general meeting in March. However, current KSA bylaws state that quorum for general meetings is 200 people, and as they’ve had trouble meeting quorum in the past they’re looking for a way to make the changes without it. The most... Continue Reading

New KPU course offers support for students with disabilities

Including All Citizens features a “diverse range of learners” Thanks to Teresa Morishita and Fiona Whittington-Walsh, KPU’s Langley campus has now successfully brought 28 average university students, two high school students, and five students with intellectual disabilities together to successfully teach all of them the same curriculum. Unlike the university’s Access Programs for People with... Continue Reading

Liberals reform electoral reform committee

Members are still in research stage, says Aldag During last year’s federal election campaign, both the NDP and the Liberals promised that it would be the last time the outcome was decided via first-past-the-post. Earlier this month, the Liberals altered the way they’re going about making changes to the voting system. The committee first had... Continue Reading

KPU celebrates National Aboriginal Day

Event aims to bring awareness to Aboriginal issues The courtyard at Surrey campus was crowded for much of Tuesday afternoon for the second-annual Kwantlen Polytechnic University celebration of National Aboriginal Day. The June 21 event saw presentations by Lekeyten, KPU’s Elder in Residence, basket weaving by Patricia Stewart, hoop dancing by Petie Chalifoux and a... Continue Reading
Mourners take flowers, candles to lay before Cedar memorial (Tristan Johnston)

KPU students hold vigil for LGBT community

Over 80 students, faculty, gather to pay respects for those lost in Sunday’s nightclub shooting in Orlando. KPU students gathered, Thursday, to pay respects to the 49 dead and 53 injured in at LGBT-friendly nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida. Pride Kwantlen in association with the Kwantlen Student Association had organized the vigil in the Cedar... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Media

New media should be viewed as critically as old media For some time, I have been advised to take a closer look at Buzzfeed for their news content. Putting my biases out in the open, I’ve had a very hard time taking them seriously, and scoffing in The Runner office when I’m advised to look... Continue Reading

Going Global: Britain and the EU

Britain’s departure from the EU would be a disaster On June 23, Britons will be voting on whether or not to remain in the European Union. Voting anything other than “remain” will be a historical mistake. This comes some time after Prime Minister David Cameron made a promise that, if the Conservatives were re-elected in... Continue Reading