#God is #Corey Haim

Trending Topics, or TTs, are the current most-tweeted phrases or words on Twitter.

By Max Hirtz [Contributor]


A guy named Corey Haim died of a “suspected” overdose. I didn’t know who he was until I did a bit of research, but a lot of other people on Twitter seem to remember him from their childhoods when he was a well-known actor and, you know, not a drug addict.I looked him up on a blog called Washed Up Celebrities and his bio came up right away.Apparently he was “one of Hollywood’s top teen stars in the late 80s” until he “flamed out” and started doing too much coke and eating too much fast food.


I didn’t even know who this little guy was until a few weeks ago, but now that I do, he’s really starting to get on my nerves.
Justin Bieber fans – “Beliebers” as they like to call themselves – clog up the trending topics list everyday with their constant praise for the 16-year-old pop idol, pissing the rest of us off royally in the process.


God is a trending topic!
Turns out a lot of Twitterers love God, otherwise known as “the light,” “the one person you can’t lie 2,” “everything,” and “the Greatest.”
What this shows us is that you don’t have to be a pop star, a Hollywood actor or a coked-up superslut to be recognized as an important cultural figure in North America.
He’s not as popular on Twitter right now as, say, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, but he’s getting there.