Student election gets dirty

This is Matt, the Runner’s political columnist. He thinks dirty politicking is just plain dirty.

By Matt Law [Health Bureau Chief ]

Some of you might remember that a KSA election was held three weeks ago.

I know it is hard to remember an event as insignificant as this after watching the Olympics for two weeks but it did happen.

The votes were cast and new members of the KSA were elected over the two week break. Great, democracy works right?

Unfortunately, during the last week of the election I was disgusted to see the type of smear tactics that were used.

Whoever was behind these tactics is scum.

Some of it was stupid, taking down election posters of certain individuals is something I would expect from juvenile studentswho have yet to realize the world is bigger than them.

But the thing that made me angry was the intensely personal attack made against an individual running in the election.

Some of you might have seen the posters around campus, I don’t know if they were real or fake, nor do I care.

I don’t have any connection to the person they were directed at and I hadn’t planned to vote for him or her anyways.

What does bother me is that it was done at all. I really hope this was not perpetrated by another person running in the election or anyone under their influence.
But whoever did do this should be held accountable.

There is no room for this type of action, especially in student politics, it belittles everyone including the voters.
I honestly hope that whoever did this is found and dealt with accordingly.

You are a coward and an asshole and I hope that there is truth to the saying, “what goes around comes around.”