The New KSA Executive Team Has Been Elected

Gurdial Dhindsa, Sukhpreet Kaur, Palwinder Singh, and Ravinder Pal Singh reveal their upcoming plans

New KSA Executives: (from left to right) Gurdial Dhindsa – President, Palwinder Singh – VP of External Affairs, Sukhpreet Kaur – VP of Finance and Operations. (submitted)

The Kwantlen Student Association’s executive election took place on April 17, when new candidates were voted in to replace the previous executive team.

These positions were for the President, Vice President of External Affairs, Vice President of Finance and Operations, Vice President of Student Life, and Vice President of University Affairs.

The new President is Gurdial Dhindsa, who is also the KSA’s VP Student Life.

He says he decided to run this year because he didn’t get a chance to become an executive last year.

“We are thinking of planning something online, online games so all the students can interact and some live sessions on Instagram,” he says.

Dhindsa says that he and his team are planning how to adapt now that the COVID-19 pandemic is underway.

“It will take some time but … we will come up with good plans and hopefully do something good,” he says.

According to the KSA’s website, the role of the President is to be the official spokesperson of the Kwantlen Student Association, chair the Executive Committee meetings, and to coordinate the activities of the KSA.

Sukhpreet Kaur is the new Vice President of Finance as well as an Arts Faculty Student Representative.

“In our lifetime everyone has a dream. They want to build a career and they want more opportunities in their life, so I thought this will be a great start because I feel that I have the skills and the ability [to] handle responsibility,” she says.

Kaur says her goals are to help students and manage the budget for the KSA.

“I will try my best to … help students who need financial support,” she says. “I just want to inform all the students that [if] they have any problems … the KSA is there. We are helping the students and we are expanding our services to help the students.”

The Vice President of Finance is responsible for the development of the annual budget and its amendments. Their job is to ensure that the financial protections built into the KSA Bylaws and Regulations are consistently executed.

Palwinder Singh is the new Vice President of External Affairs as well as the Surrey Campus Student Representative.

“When I was young, I had a passion for becoming something in my life,” says Singh. “I have a great interest in participating in the events that happen outside the university and I like to participate in event organization.”

He says his goal as Vice President of External Affairs is to keep the students updated about KPU’s operations both on and off campus.

The role of the Vice President of External Affairs is to be the face of the Kwantlen Student Association externally and a spokesperson for the Society.

Ravinder Pal Singh is the Vice President of University Affairs and Business Representative for the KSA.

“I love to run for the election, and also, when I came over to Canada, I saw a lot of problems for the international students as well as the domestic students,” he says.

The Vice President of University Affairs leads the development and expansion of student services and ensures exceptional service delivery to all students, as stated on the KSA website.

Singh says that when international students arrive in Canada, many of them don’t know how to settle or find jobs. He would like to address this issue through his role with the KSA.

“We are just looking at how to reduce KPU’s fees because we are not going to the [university] at this time. We are not going to the library and we are not using the gymnasium,” he says.