Why DVDs are better than streaming services

Put the disc in the tray, or it gets no fun today

DVD’s just have a special kind of ambiance that streaming services can’t replicate. (Kristen Frier)

DVDs are a thing of the past, but they have found a special place among today’s unique circumstances. While simplistic in concept and design, DVDs offer a unique viewing experience that isn’t available on streaming platforms.

It’s Friday, and the sun is setting. You’ve just finished eating dinner while watching something on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+. There are no longer any films or series that interest you.

There’s nothing on TV either. Seeing Fast and Furious 7 for the 87th time, has left you sickened beyond redemption. Beyond hope and drained of all feelings, your eyes turn to that old bookcase containing countless old DVDs.

You fetch a DVD player from your attic or basement. You plug that sucker in, connect it to a monitor, and revel in memories and emotions that haven’t been felt in a long time, or at all. No wait or loading times, no internet connection required, just the low ambience of the disc whirring in the player.

There’s this feeling of simple fulfillment that comes with being in possession of a physical copy of a DVD.

Keeping entertained and not succumbing to boredom has been the prime objective for many during the pandemic restrictions. Some people have started to do in-depth analyses about the things they take for granted, some developed new hobbies, and some even started to make their living spaces more livable.

Interests in video games, outdoor gymnastics, reading, and DIY projects like developing one’s own home gym can emerge from time spent in quarantine. These projects can keep us entertained while we wait.

The cinema experience is another special form of entertainment. It taps into the inner feeling of escapism that we all have wanted at one point. The actors, the plot, the script, the effort and actions that went into producing, editing, filming, and all the extra work that made the film that is playing on the screen before you — I love it all.

Let’s get into why DVDs are better on a technical scale. To get that cinema experience, you need a monitor or TV, a disc player, and a power source for speakers and the DVDs themselves. That’s it.

There is no monthly subscription, no signing up for an account, no additional costs. Just a simple “plug and play.” And since there is no wifi connection, you don’t have to worry about constant lagging and interruptions, nor do you have to worry about ads playing in the middle of the damn movie.

Now, DVDs aren’t without their downsides. For starters, a DVD is only limited to the single movie on the disc it is featured on, with the exception of a double-sided disc that plays different things on either side.

On the other hand, streaming services offer a plethora of films and shows, not just one or two, and DVDs also require a player to be used. Another downside is that DVDs and their associated players are stationary, meaning that they can only be played in one place. They can also be bulky and inconvenient compared to your phone or tablet, while streaming services can be accessed across all manner of devices.

However, for all of a DVDs shortcomings when it comes to convenience, the simplest forms of escapism can often be the most fulfilling.