Why Vancouver is a great city to be a student in

Studying in this city is worth it for the career opportunities, transit and weather

The Vancouver Skyline from the Burrard Inlet. (Public Domain)

Choosing the best place to study takes a lot of research and decision-making before you can pack your bags and move away. Students take a look at what best suits them, focusing on different key factors such as tuition fees, accessibility, cost of living, accommodations, and local crime rates and safety. Searching for the best post-secondary institution can be overwhelming and complicated at times, but luckily, we have available resources to see which one ranks high on our list.

Studee, an online service that connects students to universities internationally, released an article about the top 45 cities to study in Canada.

Vancouver is currently in ninth place, with the average semesterly tuition cost of $6,335 and 69 per cent of its population being university graduates. Studying in Vancouver can be pricey, but it is worth the shot at having numerous opportunities for your well-being and future career.

Being ranked among other great cities such as Montreal, Charlottetown, and Edmonton says a lot about what this city has to offer in terms of education and quality of life. It lets you choose from a great selection of colleges and universities which offer many resources and experience in your chosen field.

This city is also known as a hub of modern technology and innovation which gives students feasible career options in research, engineering, and technology in the long run.

As a student living in Vancouver, I would highly recommend moving here because of its location, work-life balance, and career opportunities.

Living here saves you time and makes everything you need very accessible, as grocery stores and malls are close to schools and residential areas. The city also has reliable and subsidized public transportation, and most bus stops and train stations are near academic institutions for students’ convenience.

It is also an undeniable fact that one of the top reasons why people move to Vancouver is the right amount of warmth, sunshine, and cool breeze mixed together, which for many is an ideal combination of weather and climate. And nothing beats the picturesque views of the mountains combined with the silhouette of the skyscrapers and buildings in the city.

Another reason is that students can maintain a well-rounded life as jobs for working students offer flexible schedules to accommodate school and provide salaries to pay the bills and other everyday needs. Besides this, there are many parks, hiking trails, and recreational facilities around the area where you can relax and destress after an exhausting week from work or school.

Lastly, school and career opportunities in this city are endless. Besides job offers outside school, academic institutions present employment for students who want to explore their program outside the classroom setting. Furthermore, many bursaries and scholarships are available for students who need financial assistance, which can ease off some expenses for school.

I can say that there is no “perfect” city, but there will always be a place we can call home and satisfy what we need in life. We just need to take care that we understand what is best for us and research it before making a big change. But rest assured, the city of Vancouver is worth the risk and should definitely be on your radar as a place to consider studying.


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