Kwantlen Creative Captures shows promise as first KPU photography club

The group provides a platform for students and alumni to share their photography



While capturing life through a lens can be challenging, for Kwantlen Polytechnic University students Carolina Henriquez and Eiren Lucero, it is a part of who they are.

Both of them share a passion for photography, and decided to create Kwantlen Creative Captures, an up-and-coming club that focuses on photography and providing a place for students and alumni to share their photos with the world.

“We wanted to have a safe space for students to share their photos, where other people can take inspiration [from it] for their own photography skills,” says Lucero, the vice-president of KCC.

Even though there are several photography classes being offered at KPU, they were surprised there wasn’t a club.

They are recruiting more members, and are in the works of making KCC an official club overseen by the Kwantlen Student Association. This will help not only in their future plans of hosting workshops, fundraisers, end-of-the-year showcases, and art exhibitions around campus, but also support the club for other students to utilize.

“I want the club to continue on and get newer students to continue on the passion that we all have,” says Henriquez, the president of KCC.

They also hosted their first general meeting online on Sept. 11, to recruit students that are interested and “to get the opinion of the members on what they would like to see for the club.”

“We want to hear their voices and to let them know that this club is for them. What they want to see, we would try to deliver as fast as possible,” says Henriquez, who has been developing her passion and skills over the years.

“I started when I was younger. My dad has those camcorders where he recorded every moment, so I grew up by capturing moments in that way,” says Henriquez. “I love capturing candid shots of people laughing, smiling, or looking at their loved ones. I just love taking as many pictures as I can and accentuating what I need to accentuate.”

Lucero uses photography as her “diary” to record precious moments. She immigrated from the Philippines when she was 11-years-old, and the first thing she received from her mother was an old film-based camera.

“I used this to take photos when I first arrived here. We had a photography class [in high school], and it was a different expectation because it is not just a click and it’s done. There’s so much more than that. You have to think of your main subject and the best way or angle to show your subject,” she says.

The KCC’s treasurer Emily Williams is a professional photographer, who gives a “fresh and different perspective” on how they can maximize the reach and effectiveness of the club.

“[We wanted to] create an environment where your hobby, your passion for photography or for capturing moments, is in the essence of the photos. Why not show your talent, passion, and art through a club like ours?” says Henriquez.

Students who are interested in joining or sharing their pictures can reach out to Kwantlen Creative Captures through their email on their Facebook and Instagram page.