Making KPU beer more available to students

KSA looks into expanding the services that the Grassroots provides students Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s brewing program has been wildly successful with students and the community alike, which is why the next logical step would be to make student beer available at the student-owned and operated Grassroots Café. At the moment, the Grassroots is a place... Continue Reading

Are Trudeau’s refugee numbers for 2015 reasonable?

Refugee assistance money is less than you think Before this year’s election, the Liberal’s political campaign was already stirring the country. Between promises of legalizing of marijuana, new laws on doctor-assisted suicide, and the possible repealing of Bill C-51, anyone would agree that Trudeau had his work cut out for him. Not everyone knew about... Continue Reading

KPU Student Gathers Feminine Hygiene Products for Refugees

Come January, people will be able to make their donations at the Social Justice space When we think of necessities, we first bring to mind food, water, and shelter. We don’t often consider pads or tampons, as they don’t apply to a full percentage of the population. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t absolutely critical... Continue Reading

Surrey Finds Its Inaugural Poet Laureate in Renée Sarojini Saklikar

“Poetry is news that stays news, the issues and emotions within it go beyond the headlines.” The needs of a society are much like the needs of an individual. If someone is dying of hunger, they’re not going to be complaining about the poor decorum of the room in which they’re starving. For a long... Continue Reading

Financing the KSA: New year, new budget

We are entering one of the KSA’s busiest seasons of the year Every business and organization needs to account for their spending and investments throughout the year—where money came in, where it’s going, and how quickly. Larger organizations such as the Kwantlen Student Association need to check their finances more often than normal, in order... Continue Reading

Coming Soon: U-Pass Referendum and Possible Price Hikes

There will be some changes regarding KPU’s U-Pass/Compass Card program Kwantlen Polytechnic University, along with several other universities in Metro Vancouver, will soon be voting in the new U-Pass referendum. The referendum will ask students whether or not they want to keep paying for the mandatory U-Pass, were the price to increase. The referendum will... Continue Reading

Slamapalooza encourages you to applaud the poetry, not the scores

Kwantlen’s poetry slam team raises funds to attend the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word In a small café on Commercial Drive, under dim lighting and amidst the chatter of café patrons, Kwantlen’s poetry slam team—Slamapalooza—took the stage. Their opponents that night, Oct. 10, were Vancouver’s VanSlam team, Vancouver’s Youth Poetry team, and the UBC Slam... Continue Reading

Staying Safe at KPU

Kwantlen’s Security Manager discusses security, precautions following alleged sexual assault in Richmond “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” These words come from manager of security at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Harry McNeil, as he addresses the importance of making sure KPU students keep safe on campus. Students are increasingly some of the... Continue Reading
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Capilano University alumnus’ Film Explores Youth Apathy

The Drop travels across Canada and the US to ask young people about voting According to the Library of Parliament and Research Publications, the 2011 general election saw a 38.8 per cent participation rate from Canadians aged 18 to 24. At a glance, these numbers seem troubling. New research shown by Elections Canada states that... Continue Reading
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Macabre Content, and Why We Can’t Get Enough of It

Horror movies, crime shows and the nightly news make you feel better about your life There is a reason why our media covers unsettling content. And don’t worry—liking it does not make you a weirdo. Have you ever wondered why you or someone you know enjoys horror movies? Or why news channels incessantly reports on... Continue Reading