The Dangers of The Amazon

Jeff Bezos’s net worth reached a staggering $150 billion on July 16, finally granting him the title of the world’s richest man. Bezos is the owner and founder of Amazon, the largest online commerce company in the world, which offers an expansive catalog of products from technology to groceries. By diversifying his areas of investment,... Continue Reading

What I Wish Student Orientation Had Taught Me

First-year orientation is a great way to learn about resources designed to help new students transition from high school to university. During the typically day-long event, students are given a tour of the campus to identify important offices and facilities. They’re also told how to engage with the Kwantlen Student Association, which will advocate for... Continue Reading

Despite Noble Intentions, Callout Culture Isn’t Effective

When Jordan Peterson held a rally in opposition to language policing at the University of Toronto in 2016, the event was stormed by a group of students who disagreed with his stance. They publicly denounced him because they perceived his statements as a form of bigotry. During the rally, students for and against Peterson’s views... Continue Reading