Spooky Scary S...tuff to do on Halloween

The Aldor Acres experience, a fun fall event for all ages Katherine Charlton, Contributor Aldor Acres Farm is an amazing family-friendly pumpkin patch nestled away in a farming area near Fort Langley. It provides a variety of fun activities and cute animals to see. You can not only pick out your perfect pumpkin in the... Continue Reading

Navigating Faith and Friendship Can Be a Challenge for Religious Students

Being a religious person in a post-secondary institution can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. I was raised in a Christian household and still actively practice my faith, and when I tell people that I am often met with a variety of reactions, some more welcome than others. In no way is this limited to the... Continue Reading

Metro Van Should Learn from Copenhagen and Paint the Town Green

Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, is one of the world’s leading environmentally friendly cities. It is currently hoping to reduce its carbon footprint enough to become completely carbon neutral by 2025, meaning that it will have balanced its carbon emissions with carbon removal, or even eliminated carbon emissions entirely. Though Vancouver ranks third for most sustainable... Continue Reading

Voices of Muslim Women Amplified Through KPU Art Exhibit

Nine Muslim women recently created works of art to tell their stories and defy stereotypes as part of the Voices of Muslim Women course taking place at KPU Surrey. “It’s basically a way for Muslim women to write their own narrative by visual media,” explains Allison Youssef, the instructor and program coordinator. “This installation shows... Continue Reading

Check Out Lear Inc., an Adaptation of King Lear, on the Surrey Campus on March 28 and 29

A modernized version of King Lear called Lear Inc. will be held in the main atrium of KPU’s Surrey campus on March 28 and 29. The performances are adapted from Act I, Scene I of Shakespeare’s play, and will be entirely free to the public. The group behind Lear Inc., 1001 Steps Theatre Company, took... Continue Reading

Column: Mission Impossible

I’ve been asked many times to explain exactly what life in the town of Mission is like and, as a local, I can very confidently say that I don’t really know. Mission exists on what can only be described as an alternate plane of reality, where the most peculiar and curious events seem to become... Continue Reading

KPU Music Students and Faculty Members Continue to Fight Cuts from the University

When news broke that Kwantlen Polytechnic University was suspending intake for its music program as part of an effort to reduce course offerings for the 2019-20 fiscal year, students and faculty responded almost immediately. Within a week, representatives of the program were writing angry letters to the Dean of Arts, the Provost, and the President... Continue Reading