Explainer: Vancouver’s journey towards decriminalization

On April 14, 2016, the government of British Columbia became the first province to declare a public health emergency in response to a significant increase in the number of deaths resulting from the contamination of illicit substances in Canada. Four years later, the City of Vancouver passed a motion to ask the federal government for... Continue Reading

Explainer: Regional Greenways Planned for 2050

The Metro Vancouver Regional Greenways project is a 30-year development plan which aims to double the length of the region’s greenways from 430 km to 830 km and make the network gap-free by 2050. The project builds off previous regional plans such as the Greater Vancouver Regional Greenway Vision from 1999 and the Metro 2040... Continue Reading

B.C. Should Be More Ambitious in Tackling Poverty

At the beginning of October, the provincial government tabled legislation that is intended to reduce child poverty by 50 per cent and overall poverty by 25 per cent within the next five years. Although these targets are bold, they could stand to be more ambitious. B.C. currently has the the second highest rate of overall... Continue Reading
Brightly colored straws thrown around on a table. Some of them are showing the lower side of the tube, with only a few of the flexible heads visible. The colors range from blue to red tones.(flickr/Horia Varlan)

Banning Plastic Straws Raises Questions About Inclusivity and Effectiveness

In May, Vancouver became the first major Canadian city to ban the use of plastic straws and foam containers by restaurants and food vendors. The ban, which will come into effect in June of next year, is just one of a number of initiatives that the city is undertaking to eliminate the disposal of solid... Continue Reading
Promotional art for Inderveer Sodhi's film Monster. (Submitted)
Promotional art for Inderveer Sodhi's film Monster. (Submitted)

Surrey-Based Filmmaker’s New Movie Isn’t Your Typical Gangster Flick

Inderveer Sodhi, a 20 year-old director and music composer from Surrey, is set to begin work on his first feature film in a few months. The film, Monster, will follow a night in the lives of several Surrey teenagers who find themselves caught up in the world of crime and gang violence after finishing high... Continue Reading
(Lincoln Saugstad)

Anthropology Department Offers KPU’s First Ethnographic Field Studies Course

Students enrolled in KPU’s Ethnographic Field Studies course, which is being offered for the first time ever this summer, will be volunteering alongside community organizations in Surrey to better understand how homelessness influences the use of public space. Ethnographic research typically involves immersing oneself in a cultural group or environment different to one’s own in... Continue Reading
Dr. Adele Diamond addresses the audience during her keynote speech at the end of the Connecting Minds conference. (Lincoln Saugstad)
Dr. Adele Diamond addresses the audience during her keynote speech at the end of the Connecting Minds conference. (Lincoln Saugstad)

Psychology Department Hosts Bi-Annual Research Conference

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s psychology department hosted their bi-annual research conference, Connecting Minds, on the Richmond campus on May 18 and 19. The conference saw students from across Canada present psychology-based research they conducted while earning their undergraduate degrees. Dr. Cory Pedersen, the chair of the psychology department and the lead organizer of the conference, explains... Continue Reading
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KPU Again Deemed One of Canada’s Greenest Employers

Less than a week before this year’s Earth Day, Mediacorp Inc. published a list of the “greenest employers in Canada.” Along with the City of Vancouver and the University of Toronto, Kwantlen Polytechnic University once again earned a top place on the list. According to its website, Mediacorp is the “nation’s largest publisher of quality... Continue Reading

The B.C. Speculation Tax Shouldn’t Impact Non-Speculators

The B.C. government has recently decided to make much-needed changes to the speculation tax it announced in February. These changes reflect concerns raised by several Canadians both in and outside of the province who would have been unfairly affected by it. Yet, in some ways, the changes don’t go far enough. The speculation tax is... Continue Reading

KPU Hosts Talk on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

The Marketing Department at KPU hosted The History and Impact of Bitcoin and Blockchain, an event featuring four speakers from either HoneyBadger and KOI Research Group, on Feb. 26. KOI Research currently organizes workshops, offers consultations, and features speakers at conferences and events to share information on cryptocurrencies. “We currently have a team of about... Continue Reading

KPU’s Environmental Sustainability Report is in Dire Need of an Upgrade

As with most other universities, Kwantlen Polytechnic University has increasingly invested in sustainability-related initiatives over the past decade. In addition to the construction of five LEED-certified buildings, the development of sustainability-centred programs, and an increase in energy efficiency, KPU has also signed the Talloires Declaration, a “10-point action plan for incorporating sustainability into teaching, research,... Continue Reading

EIGHT x EIGHT Exhibit Showcases KPU Students’ Artwork

From Dec. 8 to 28, eight of Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Fine Arts students and graduates hosted an exhibition entitled EIGHT x EIGHT which featured their artwork chosen through an independent jury process. Students and alumni sent their work to three KPU Fine Arts professors, who chose which pieces should be exhibited at the Gam Gallery... Continue Reading

Policy Studies Students at KPU Offer Input for the Future of Newton Sustainability

After receiving funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the City of Surrey recently began implementing the Newton Sustainability in Action Plan to make the Newton area more environmentally friendly. Newton was chosen for its strong community and lack of pre-existing eco-friendly infrastructure. As part of the action plan, the city will be reaching out... Continue Reading

Get a Glance Inside KPU’s Automotive Programs

The Automotive programs at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, a division of the Faculty of Trades and Technology, offer a range of courses and services that many students likely don’t know about. Most probably haven’t heard about how they can get their cars fixed at a rate lower than what’s offered at many other auto shops. The... Continue Reading