The Runner Debates: “Snowflake”: Pro

The word rightly describes a generation who cries before they are even hurt Neil Bassan, Contributor Read the other side of the debate here. The advent of the word “snowflake” as an insult is essentially a way of pigeon-holing the young adults of the 2010s as spineless, coddled, and emotionally vulnerable brats. That’s right—if you... Continue Reading

Student Survey Finds Most KPU Students Suffering from Mental Health Issues Don’t Make Use of University Resources

Psychology student Raman Dhaliwal surveyed 263 students before releasing the April report Neil Bassan, Contributor A Kwantlen Polytechnic University student has concluded a study that determines how, why, and to what degree students in need have accessed KPU’s on-campus mental health services. Under the supervision of Professor Jocelyn Lymburner, psychology student Raman Dhaliwal concluded a... Continue Reading

Identifying Anxiety

Mental wellness advocates from KPU and beyond offer a range of resources Neil Bassan, Contributor In the wake of four student suicides which occurred this past academic year at Ontario’s University of Guelph, community organizations throughout Canada are developing a renewed focus on meeting the needs of mental health challenges for students. Polly Guetta, development... Continue Reading

Flooding, Climate Change Cause for Concern in Fraser Valley

Highly politicized environmental issues paint a bleak picture Neil Bassan, Contributor According to a report provided by the Fraser Valley Regional District and the B.C. Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative, a major flood in the eastern half of the Lower Mainland would result in agricultural losses that exceed $1 billion.   As agriculture production... Continue Reading

Crim Department Hosts Conference to Break Silence on PTSD

Former 911 operator and KPU alumnus Rae-Lynn Dicks no longer suffers in silence Neil Bassan, Contributor Having been diagnosed with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder in 2002, Former 911 operator and KPU alumnus Rae-Lynn Dicks was invited to speak at the Connections in First Responder Mental Health conference on Feb. 23 and 24. The symposium was... Continue Reading

The Ubyssey Protected Students’ Rights By Releasing Undergraduate Admissions Rubric

Making the document available holds UBC’s feet to the fire Neil Bassan, Contributor The University of British Columbia’s official student newspaper, The Ubyssey, released what is known as the Broad-Based Admissions rubric (BBA) halfway through February. The UBC BBA, now available in full on the The Ubyssey webpage, informs graders who evaluate admissions essays from... Continue Reading

On The Importance of Free Speech

Aside from calls to violence and coercion, we should all speak up Neil Bassan, Contributor Restrictions on free speech stunt our capacities to reason effectively. Why bother thinking when certain ideologies are placed outside the purview of critique? To put this another way, people like the Flat Earth Society members serve a great purpose in... Continue Reading

Waiting for Vancouver’s Housing Bubble to Burst? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Despite lower prices, the Lower Mainland’s real estate slump predicts little for the future Neil Bassan, Contributor Home sales in Vancouver have plunged 40 per cent over the last 12 months. In the face of low mortgage rates, average residential prices are also beginning to see a drop after years of steady growth. In addition,... Continue Reading

KDocs Is About More Than Watching Movies

KPU’s documentary film fest exposes the community to important ideas and starts a conversation Neil Bassan, Contributor “Discussion is just as important as the film,” says Janice Morris, KDocs founder and festival director. She explains that rectifying the “dumbing-down of society through the power of images, moving images, and discussion with people you might not... Continue Reading

Deceitful, Divisive, Dollar-Bound: Politics as Usual in B.C.

Depth of Christy Clark’s pockets made it difficult for her supporters to justify their support Even if you’re generally apathetic about provincial politics in B.C., there is still a good chance that you heard “stipend”, “turned down”, and “Christy Clark” being thrown around in the news lately. You would not be incorrect to say that... Continue Reading

Legal Cannabis Means More Pleasure

What is the harm in pleasure seeking if we are so drawn to it by nature?    As the recreational use of marijuana is legalized, to say that we must strike a balance between allowing and regulating the substance on university campuses would be to make a stale and uninteresting argument about policy. After all,... Continue Reading

Stop Sending in the Clowns

Intense horror is the only appropriate emotional response to clown sightings Recent reports from the U.S., Canada, and Europe detail a disturbing rise in both the number and creepiness of so-called evil clown sightings. Most reports feature misplaced clowns—many modeled after Pennywise, the clown from Stephen King’s It—posing as part of some bizarre scare tactic... Continue Reading

Safe Spaces 101

Just before the fall semester began, a letter addressed to students in the class of 2020 from the University of Chicago’s Dean of Students, John Ellison, went viral. In the letter, Ellison says that the university’s commitment to academic freedom means they cannot support trigger warnings for subjects in their classes, which may prove controversial... Continue Reading

Now Playing: American Presidential Debates at the Grassroots

Students can watch Trump and Clinton argue from the comfort of the cafe on Oct 19 They say watching American politics is Canada’s favourite sport, and 2016’s campaigns are more entertaining than ever. “Students asked me about [the Presidential debates],“ says KSA Vice President Student Life Natasha  Lopes. “They asked, ‘why aren’t we playing them?’... Continue Reading

The Disappearance of the Cantonese Language

UBC linguistics researcher details the complex, worrying trend of Cantonese “cultural genocide” The language with the most native speakers in the world, Mandarin, is threatening to overtake the traditional Cantonese language group of Southern and Southeastern China, including Hong Kong and Macau. Multilingualism proponent Zoe Lam, a University of British Columbia linguistics researcher and PhD... Continue Reading