Display in KPU Library Sheds Light on Asian Representation in Media

Students enrolled in Greg Chan’s fourth-year English course, “Topics in Film Studies: Asian Representation in Film and Media”, are tasked with analyzing the misrepresentation, exclusion, and racist depictions of Asian and Asian-American people in media. Through the course they study films as diverse as D.W. Griffith’s Lotus Blossoms (1919) to Jon Chu’s Crazy Rich Asians... Continue Reading

The Chicago Principles Blur Lines Between Free Speech and Hate Speech

As Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party unfurls its stiff, right wing feathers across the Albertan prairies, its shadow falls over college and university campuses. According to the Calgary Herald, Kenney’s Advanced Education Minister—Demetrios Nicolaides—has talked about how applying the famous Chicago Principles would ensure that Alberta post-secondary institutions “are competitive with those in the United... Continue Reading

Don’t Hide Your Guilty Pleasures

When it comes to the media we consume, the thought of revealing our guilty pleasures to the world sounds like social self-sabotage. Nobody really wants to reveal their love for Avril Lavigne, sappy romantic comedies, or cheap tabloid magazines. Now, while everyone’s idea of a guilty pleasure is unique, all guilty pleasures seem to follow... Continue Reading

“Toxic” and “Justice” Make Perfect Sense for Words of the Year

Trigger warning: The following article makes reference to police brutality, racism, genocide against Indigenous people, and sexual assault and violence. The Oxford Dictionary and Merriam-Webster have decided that the Words of the Year for 2018 are “toxic” and “justice” respectively. Ironically, 2018 seems to have given us far too much of one and not nearly... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: “Snowflake”: Con

Millennials aren’t just sensitive, they’re progressive Tae Whitehouse, Contributor Read the other side of the debate here. In today’s society, the task of being both progressive and palatable can seem borderline impossible. If one simply accepts their situation, making no effort to take control of their own path and place in society, the older generations... Continue Reading