Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

Liard Hot Springs: the gem of Northern B.C.

By Matt Bossons

Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park is without doubt the highlight of northeastern B.C.

The Liard River Hot Springs is one of Northern B.C.'s top destinations. Photo by ukslim / Flickr

An employee at the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum proclaimed, “they are undoubtedly the gem of our region.” She couldn’t be more correct.

The hot springs are made up of three main sections. The upper pool, which is the hottest and always seems to be closed due to bear activity. The middle pool, which is cooler but still very hot. And the lower pool, which is comfortable because the hot springs mix with cold creek water.

All of the pools are very well maintained and fully equipped with gravel bottoms and stone benches. Thankfully, the occasional tree branch and floating log still makes it feel natural.

If hot springs aren’t your thing then simply hike the boardwalk, which crosses over a unique marsh land ecosystem that has thrived due to the nearby hot springs. Signs help to inform the curious traveler about the animals, fish and plant life that call this area home.