A Chiang Mai lake monster

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The legendary Sourtoe Cocktail

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Alaska Highway: Dawson Creek to Whitehorse

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A highway to the world’s end

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The Sourtoe Cocktail is a local custom in which you drink a shot of whiskey containing a pickled human toe. Mariah Marounek takes the shot in Dawson city's Downtown Hotel. (Matt Bossons / The Runner)

A functioning ghost town: Dawson City

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Tombstone Territorial Park: Where trees meet tundra

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Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

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Killer whales in their natural habitat. Photo from Google Creative Commons.

Kwantlen students fight to protect B.C. orcas

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A Mayan woman shares her wisdom with young travelers over tea. Photo by Matthew Bossons.

A brief encounter with the past

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Scott Attfield glances out the window at one of the many roadside fires of northern Belize. Photo by Matt Bossons

Bus'n Belize

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Guatemala never ceases to impress

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Kwantlen fashion show in review

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KSA student fees getting a hike

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One night in Bangkok was almost too much

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Students to show at Montreal Fashion week

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