Top 10 urban-backpacking essentials

Backpacking is one of the most common methods of traveling employed by young adults that wish to see the world. Here is a list of 10 things urban backpackers should plan to bring with them for their journeys. ... Continue Reading

Guide to Haggling

Haggling is a process in which the buyer attempts to negotiate a better price on a product from the salesman. It is a practice used throughout Central and South America, as well as most of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and parts of Europe and North America.... Continue Reading

Escaping to the island of women

Isla Mujeres, or the Island of Women in English, is a small island a half-hour ferry ride from Cancun. The island is tiny, but that is what makes it a prime destination for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of Cancun and enjoy a far more laid back style of life.... Continue Reading

PAT organize coat drive for the community

Kwantlen’s President’s Ambassadorial Team are looking for students to donate gently used coats for local shelters. ... Continue Reading

Vanishing British Columbia: Port Douglas

The bow of the boat cut into the oncoming waves, smashing hard against them in the late August sunlight. Aboard my fathers boat, I made the two hour boat trip to the ghost town of Port Douglas at the northern tip of Harrison Lake.... Continue Reading

Full moon frenzy

Almost every backpacker has heard the stories that surround the mythical full moon parties hosted in Ko Phan Ngan, Thailand. These parties are a place for friends, music, light shows, fireworks, great food and, obviously, copious amounts of liquor and beer.... Continue Reading

Merida, Mexico: The split city

Merida is truly a city of two distinctly different worlds. There is an undeniable European feel to the city, largely because the majority of the buildings were built in a colonial Spanish style of architecture. This makes it unique and beautiful to explore.... Continue Reading

Tofino’s hidden historical gem

We had been hiking for 45 minutes and still there was no sign of our end goal. The trail had been long and treacherous, at times our advancement was slowed to only a half dozen feet per minute.... Continue Reading

Matthew’s 5 ways to not fund oppression

Travelling Myanmar has been a hot topic on the international stage. While many governments suggest their citizens boycott travelling there to avoid giving money to the military government, politicians inside Myanmar are calling for tourists. I’ve outlined to limit how much money you put in the military juntas hands.... Continue Reading

Unmasking the mystery of Myanmar

Myanmar is a country shrouded in mystery. Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar nestles between the economic powers of India and China, while also sharing borders with Thailand, Laos and Bangladesh; it remains a path less travelled.... Continue Reading