A Rundown on KPU Clubs and How to Make Your Own

KPU has over 20 active clubs; here’s a guide on how to join or even start a new one

(Nic Laube)

If you’re anything like me, the idea of joining a club or potentially starting one feels a little intimidating. After all, it’s never easy trying something new, and adjusting to even more change as you enter a new semester might feel like you’re biting off more than you can chew.

However, clubs are supposed to be places where people can go to collaborate and socialize with like-minded people. If that idea excites you even a little, I would urge you to find out which club opportunities KPU has to offer.

Gurnoor Virk, the Kwantlen Student Association’s Club Coordinator, states that KPU currently offers over 20 active clubs, with “a lot of them coming back in fall.”

These clubs cover a variety of different subjects—from something as specific as the Sustainable Agriculture Club to more broadly aimed clubs like the Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild.

Personally, I found myself settling into both the Creative Writing Guild and the Gaming Guild. As Virk says, “there are no limitations on how many clubs” a student can join, and I’m a huge nerd.

Even if your interests in a certain club are particularly niche, don’t be afraid to reach out to club executives and ask questions about their activities. Members and potential members are the lifeblood of any club or community, and reaching out in earnest is less of a burden and more of a blessing. You can even bring fresh ideas to an already existing club or encourage collaboration between two clubs to achieve new things together.

Even if you do some research and still find that none of the clubs listed on the KPU website fit your interests, there’s another way to find a club that suits you, and it’s unbelievably simple.

Just make one.

Creating a club seems like more of a daunting task than it actually is, but Virk reassures students that “it’s not that difficult,” so long as you fill out your application form correctly.

All you need is a club name, a short summary of the club’s activities and purpose, three executive members to plan club events, and 10 starting members to attend the events.

The three executive members have to fill the position of President, Vice President, and Treasurer, whose responsibilities are straightforward. The President plans and organizes all matters regarding the club and its activities, the Vice President directly assists the President and contributes to the club’s events, and the Treasurer handles all of the club’s monetary resources.

Virk also says that all executives receive a mandatory training session from the KSA before the club is established, and that there’s no need to have prior experience.

So, if you and 12 friends are ready to step up to the plate, you can start a new community at KPU to foster those with similar interests. It’s a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

If you’re really struggling with the process, the KSA hosts regular workshops to show new clubs the ropes, and Virk encourages all students to reach out to her for help as often as they need. Between her and the KSA Club Guide, which can be easily found on the KSA clubs website, every resource a budding club could possibly need is at their fingertips, even before they’ve become active.