A Beginner’s Guide to the Federal Election

My attention has always fallen short when it comes to politics. It’s exhausting to scrutinize someone whose job is to make themselves more likeable. Politicians lie or tell half-truths because they’re people, and people can be hard to read. However, deciding not to vote simply because it’s the easy choice is not the right response.... Continue Reading

Two Local MP Candidates Attend a Meet and Greet Event with KPU Students

It’s not every day that you get to talk to a politician face-to-face. Regardless of which level of government they work in, 90 percent of what we know about our government representatives is absorbed through media, word of mouth, or good old-fashioned research. Yet on Oct. 10, two of Surrey’s MP candidates visited the Grassroots... Continue Reading

Majority of KPU Students Surveyed Feel Driven to Try Ridesharing, Put the Brakes on Using Taxis

I can count the remarkable taxi cab rides I’ve had on one hand.  The sad truth is that, 90 of the time, when I call for a cab in Vancouver, the service doesn’t always meet my expectations. I’ve had rude drivers who barely say a word to me, drivers who show up 20 or 30... Continue Reading

Customer Relationship Management Apps are the Future of Friendship

Read the other side of the debate here. A friendship is the most important investment a person can make. But like all investments, friendships require resources. Time, thought, emotional investment, sometimes even money are all required to maintain a healthy relationship.  Between work, school, and other responsibilities, sometimes we just don’t have enough of those... Continue Reading

Poking Around the Free Acupuncture Clinic at KPU Richmond

On September 9, I was stabbed repeatedly. And it felt great.  I’m talking about acupuncture, a medical practice that is shrouded in stigma in Western cultures (everyone cringes when they hear the word “needle”), but is actually an effective means of treatment that’s offered for free here at KPU. What normally costs $100 or more... Continue Reading

It’s About Time that Ride-Hailing Comes to Metro Vancouver, Including Surrey

Need a Lyft? Ride-hailing is coming to Vancouver, despite Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum’s grievances, and the provincial government has imposed some controversial policies that both Uber and Lyft have raised concerns about. Are these policies warranted, or is this treatment of our new transport services Uber-unfair? Ride-hailing is a relatively new form of transport that... Continue Reading

A Rundown on KPU Clubs and How to Make Your Own

If you’re anything like me, the idea of joining a club or potentially starting one feels a little intimidating. After all, it’s never easy trying something new, and adjusting to even more change as you enter a new semester might feel like you’re biting off more than you can chew. However, clubs are supposed to... Continue Reading

What Post-Graduate Success Means to KPU Students

Whether it’s building a home, finding a community, helping others, or simply being good at what you do, “success” covers such a broad range of things in life that we can often become uncertain of what it means. The Runner asked KPU students what a successful life post-graduation looks like for them. To accomplish this,... Continue Reading

We Should all be Judging Matthew Begbie

Looking back at human history helps us predict obstacles that we may face going forward, but it isn’t always a pleasant experience. Such is the case while reflecting on Judge Matthew Begbie, a lawyer and politician who was alive from 1819 to 1894. He was honored by having a statue of his likeness placed in... Continue Reading

Video Games and the People Who Play Them Can Change Reality

As an interactive medium that engages the player’s sense of individuality, games are uniquely capable of changing the individual and forming their sense of self. The Impact of Video Games on Identity Construction, a literature review by Charlie Ecenbarger of Ball State University, explores the role of video games in forming one’s identity. In it,... Continue Reading

To Improve our Transit System We’ve Got to Start with the Stops

I think it’s fair to say that everyone has had a bad experience with a bus station at some point. No matter where you live, somewhere, somehow, you’ll always be able to find a dingy, rundown bus stop nearby. It’s just one of life’s constants, like death and taxes. To their credit, TransLink is looking... Continue Reading

Drawing Inspiration from Dungeons & Dragons Can Improve Your Creativity

As an aspiring artist and writer, I love Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a game that many know but few truly appreciate as a creative outlet. Gaming is a medium built on the unification of other media, combining music, writing, artwork, and more to bring beloved classics such as Pokemon or The Legend of Zelda into... Continue Reading