Stay Calm, Cool, and Conscious

Here’s how to beat the heat in Vancouver

(Kristen Frier)

Vancouver is notorious for crappy, cold, wet weather. At its worst, the weather curses us with an oppressive greyness that makes you want to do nothing. At its best, it provides warm days dotted with clouds to give you a break from the sunshine.

Still, when the hottest months hit in Vancouver, they hit hard. Here are some tips for how to keep it cool during these trying and sweaty times.

Drink Tons of Water

It may seem obvious, but stay hydrated. Canada has the largest supply of freshwater in the world, but you should always have a water bottle on hand. Even walking to your friend’s house warrants bringing a water bottle along. Remember, take little sips as opposed to huge gulps. From personal experience, I can tell you that throwing up water after rapidly ingesting huge amounts of it isn’t fun.

Open Your Windows and Doors

Be sure to do this early in the morning or later in the evening before the sun comes out in its full, fiery power. There’s nothing worse than sitting in bed, hot and bothered, torturously waiting to fall asleep. By making sure your house is well-ventilated, not only will you be sweating a lot less, but you’ll also have an easier time getting to bed.

Invest In a Decent Fan

Air conditioning is a costly and luxurious feature in most households. Most Vancouverites don’t have it, but investing in a proper fan can make life in the sweltering city a little bit easier. What kind of fan you should consider buying depends on your location. For a bedroom, a regular oscillating fan will do just fine. Sometimes, a fixed fan can work well, and be relatively affordable.

Tactically Plan Any Event Involving Physical Activity

As someone who works out in a crude but effective home gym, I make sure to engage in my daily exercises during the coolest time of the morning, and right before a shower in the evening. This minimizes my chances of overheating. Paying attention to weather reports can help you plan your activities in advance of a heat wave. One example of a heat wave activity is bathing your dog outside. Knowing that noon will be the hottest time of the day, you might as well put your swim gear on and get wet to cool down.

Take Some Time to Relax Outside

As students, we’ll be spending much of our fall semester indoors, completing courses being taught online. As a result, we’re bound to feel the effects of cabin fever.

For me, the cure to cabin fever is sitting on the porch on a hot day. It’s very easy to overlook the simplest joys in life, and sometimes sitting on the porch, closing your eyes, and taking in the fresh air can help ease your stress enormously. Soak your face and hair with cold water, kick back with an ice-cold beverage, and contemplate life for a while. You might be surprised by what kind of epiphanies strike you while you’re out there.


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