KPU student services accepts event request forms once again

Students are required to submit their event request four weeks in advance of the event date

KPU Gaming Guild event in 2018. (file photo)

Students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University can start holding events on campus again. On May 9, KPU announced students can submit requests for their planned event four weeks before their event date. 

KPU describes student-led events as events not arranged by KPU, including “faculty, KPU departments or external organizations.” For students to be permitted to host an event, they need to receive approval from Student Services. 

In an email statement to The Runner, KPU associate vice president student affairs, Joshua Mitchell, said the university ended the temporary pause on requests for student-led campus events. 

“Student Services continues to use the same request process, including deadlines, for student-led events as it has followed for many years,” reads the statement. 

According to the student event page, the Student Services assists students and groups who plan events to acquire space, promote the event, and acquire equipment. 

To request an event space, students are asked to submit a request form. Through this, students get more information on the rules regarding the types of food that can be served at their event and the permissions they need to serve alcohol. 

Students are not allowed to plan events on days where convocations and orientation are planned. The spring orientation was held in a blended format, and for the convocation in June, the university is “anticipating an in-person convocation ceremony.” 

At the Kwantlen Student Association’s first executive meeting on May 20, executive director Ben Newsom said requirements for event booking like the four-week request date have always been in place, but now they’ll be strictly enforced. 

KSA president and vice president of university affairs Armaan Dhillon approved the four-week request time for student-led events on campus. He said he doesn’t think it’s a strict timeline and that it gives more time for the event to be planned.  

In the executive meeting, Dhillon mentioned his goal to increase student engagement in his new role overseeing the university affairs. It was one of the main topics at the meeting. 

Manmeet Kaur, KSA vice president of student life, said she’s spoken and met with students around campus who have mentioned issues they face, such as finding information on registering for classes or orientation. 

Kaur declined an interview request with The Runner for more details regarding student life on campus. 

Dhillon said he’s still transitioning to his role as an executive member of the KSA, but plans to talk to KPU about having more events on campus. 

“I can assure you one thing, [and] that being a president and being VP [of] university affairs, I can assure each and every student of KPU that this year is going to be rocking,” Dhillon said. 

“We’re going to make it amazing by organizing a number of events so that students … enjoy the university life,” he added. 

Dhillon said the KSA has not yet been in contact with KPU about planning events on campus but will soon. 

As the new president and vice president of university affairs, Dhillon said the opportunity to engage on campus is improving, unlike in the past few years during COVID-19 outbreaks. 

“Public events are now [progressing], and many more public events will be happening in the summer and in the next semesters. [Students] can look forward to a great year with KSA, and at KPU,” Dhillon said.