Surrey-Newton Candidates Debate at KPU Election Forum

Dr. Ross Pink, an instructor and chair of the political science department at KPU, hosted a federal election forum on the Surrey campus featuring Liberal candidate Sukh Dhaliwal, NDP candidate Harjit Singh Gill, and Conservative candidate Harpreet Singh on Sept. 26. The forum was attended by KPU students and Surrey residents. After a brief introduction... Continue Reading

Low Tide Renovictions Lead to the Loss of Independent Art Spaces

The name Chip Wilson is probably familiar to most people in Vancouver. Born in California and having graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor’s degree in economics, Wilson is a businessman who is responsible for a number of Vancouver-based retail apparel companies, most notably the athleisure wear brand Lululemon. He and his wife... Continue Reading

There’s Nothing Visionary About Anti-Vaxx Views

Last month, the Surrey Board of Trade announced its plans to welcome Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a keynote speaker at their annual Surrey Environment and Business Awards lunch on Sept. 17. The son of former New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of John F. Kennedy, Kennedy Jr. has an admittedly impressive resume... Continue Reading

Spectrum: Canada Needs to Publicly Support LGBTQ+ Rights Everywhere, Not Just in Big Cities

In recent years, the installation of a rainbow crosswalk has become a popular way for cities such as Vancouver, New Westminster, and Coquitlam to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. Even Abbotsford and Maple Ridge, two of the more rural towns in the Lower Mainland, installed rainbow crosswalks. Abbotsford installed one near the University of... Continue Reading

The Addictive Allure of Paying to Play

For today’s post-secondary students, video games have long been a part of everyday life. And for many of us, myself included, there was no greater joy as a child than coming home after a long day at school, finishing up your homework, and rushing over to the nearest TV to turn on whichever console you... Continue Reading

Climate Change is Not a Politically Partisan Issue

Here are some facts that we know to be true thanks to science: We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. We need carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals such as calcium (in addition to clean air, proper exercise, and a good night’s rest) to survive and function. Now imagine if saying those things in a... Continue Reading
Camera News Press Journalist Wonder The Crowd

Media Bias Has Led to a Morbid Fascination with Privileged People Who Murder

If you’ve been paying attention to the news cycle for the past month and a half, you probably know about the manhunt that took place for Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky after they were suspected of murdering three people in northern B.C. While there haven’t been any concrete details or developments in the story since... Continue Reading

“Freedom of Speech” Does Not Mean “Freedom from Responsibility”

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” This Spider-Man quote is repeated time and time again with respect to many facets of society, and with good reason; whether you’re a politician, a teacher, or a CEO, the power you have comes with the expectation that you will use that power wisely and with consideration for those... Continue Reading

There’s No Such Thing as a “Politically Neutral” LGBTQ+ Symbol

Amidst protesters and supporters, cops raised the LGBTQ+ pride flag at Surrey RCMP headquarters for the first time on June 24. The protests against the raising of the flag were led by the anti-LGBTQ+ group Culture Guard, whose leader, Kari Simpson, called the rainbow flag a “political symbol” and claimed that the RCMP raising the... Continue Reading

Activist Group Sikhs for Justice to March on UN for India Independence Day

On India’s Independence Day, which falls on Aug 15, the human rights group Sikhs for Justice will march on the United Nations headquarters in New York to highlight “human rights abuses of Sikhs in [the Indian province of] Punjab by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.” These human rights abuses include the denial of political rights,... Continue Reading

Surrey Pride Celebrates 20th Anniversary in Central City Plaza

The annual Surrey Pride festival took place in Central City Plaza, just steps away from KPU’s recently opened Civic Centre campus, on June 29. The event saw at least 1,300 attendees and was significant for a number of reasons. Not only did it fall on the 20th anniversary of Surrey Pride, but it also marked... Continue Reading

How to Respond to Hate in the Digital Age

Given Canada’s reputation as the nice, friendly neighbour to the U.S., one would be forgiven for believing that our country is immune to the rise of white nationalism that has occurred since Trump’s election.  Sadly, this is not the case. For an article published just this April, the Globe and Mail sifted through 150,000 messages... Continue Reading