Taking Back History

Women in Defiance Recent transphobic debate in the United States has brought out once again the poignant reminder that transgender individuals face discrimination in many different ways. The debates currently surround “bathroom bills,” which require, by law, that people use restrooms that conform to the sex listed on their birth certificates. A protester’s sign circulating... Continue Reading

CFS’ decline greatly significant for student lobbying groups

How the mighty have fallen There was a time, not too long ago, when speaking ill of the Canadian Federation of Students caused many to vehemently defend the organization’s honour, sometimes claiming that those critical of it were enemies of the student movement. It would seem those days are now behind us. The days of... Continue Reading

Diet Orange Crush no longer

NDP has strong leadership options that will help party One of my favourite memories of Tom Mulcair is when he went ziplining with Rick Mercer. He talked about his childhood, was reasonably a little scared, and also had fun flinging himself down a little wire. I think you can tell a lot about a politician... Continue Reading

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Vancouver zero-waste cafe works to build community over coffee “I like starting, creating, building,” says Lisa Papania, the owner of a zero-waste Vancouver cafe called Lupii. The cafe serves coffee and features a vegetarian menu, but they’re also determined to play a positive role in their community. Papania is also a lecturer at Simon Fraser... Continue Reading

WOOW pro-choice chalk campaign ended by KPU Facilities

“It’s pro-choice, or no choice,” read one of several messages written in Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Surrey campus courtyard on March 17. Another read, “Pro-choice, pro-disabilities, pro-your decisions.”... Continue Reading

KPU launches Snapchat account

Tremendous potential for new social media platform at Kwantlen Kwantlen Polytechnic University has added another social media platform to their vast array of accounts—Snapchat. On Feb. 23, KPU announced via Instagram that they had launched their Snapchat account. As of publishing time, Kwantlen had posted one snap to their story, which features a photo of... Continue Reading

Preliminary 2016 KSA results announced

The preliminary results of the 2016 Kwantlen Student Association have been announced. Of the four KSA representatives who were running for re-election to council, two (Alex McGowan and Tanvir Singh) were successful. Once the election results have been ratified, the elected candidates will take office on April 1. So far, one official complaint has been... Continue Reading

Fighting for Space: Women in Activism

Women in Activism Feminism as it stands in 2016 is under fire—and from a wide range of opponents. You’ve got people who hate women in general, you’ve got people who think that gender equality has already been achieved, and you’ve got the crown jewel of it all, the internet. Feminism, now more than ever, has... Continue Reading

Candidates for KSA election announced

Voting will be held on Feb. 18 and 19 across all KPU campuses The list of candidates for the general election of the Kwantlen Student Association have been announced. There are 25 candidates running in total. There are few contested positions with multiple candidates, and those in uncontested positions will have won if they successfully receive more... Continue Reading

Providing Refuge

Volunteers in Austria step up to help refugees with files from Tristan Johnston and Louis Marta-Widjaja There’s a little boy in Vienna who wants to be a lawyer when he grows up, because he wants to help people. Unfortunately, he’s going to face significant barriers, because he’s in Vienna as a Syrian refugee. “It’s great... Continue Reading

KSA loses case against the Canadian Federation of Students

Judge rules that the KSA is still a member of federal lobbying organization After several months, the verdict for the court case between the Canadian Federation of Students and the Kwantlen Student Association is in, and the judge ruled in favour of the CFS. The KSA filed a petition to the court earlier this year,... Continue Reading

Your Guide to the Party Leaders

Getting to know Steve, Justin, Tom and Elizabeth The Conservative Party Stephen Harper has been the leader of the Conservative party since 2004, and Canada’s Prime Minister since 2006. When he became the head of the Conservatives he was the party’s first leader after the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party merged together to... Continue Reading

KPU Withdraws from Memorandum of Understanding with Kinder Morgan

President cites relationship with Kwantlen First Nation as contributing factor Kwantlen Polytechnic University has withdrawn from the memorandum of understanding that the institution signed with Trans Mountain in June. The memorandum would have given KPU $300,000 towards student awards and partial operating funds for the university’s Environmental Protection Technical Lab. The financial contribution was contingent... Continue Reading

Solidarity in the Student Movement?

A (recent) history of the Canadian Federation of Students When you attend a rally for the Canadian Federation of Students, the first thing you’ll likely see are large orange and blue flags with the organization’s logo emblazoned upon them. The second thing you’ll see are hundreds of students, and you’ll hear them chanting one of... Continue Reading
Charis Au / The Runner

KSA awaits ruling in case against Canadian Federation of Students

Bylaw amendments cause uncertainty over membership The Canadian Federation of Students and the Kwantlen Student Association have once again returned to court. On Feb. 12, the KSA filed a petition to the court stating that on Feb. 6, the KSA’s membership in the CFS and CFS-Services was validly terminated. The CFS refuted this claim in... Continue Reading