Going Global: Balancing Power in the South China Sea

Balancing Power in the South China Sea Disputes over naval territory have been a consistent struggle in the South China Sea since the end of the Second World War. For several years, Japan and China have both claimed ownership over a set of islands between the north of Taiwan and the south of Okinawa. The... Continue Reading

Video Game Logic: Shadow of the Colossus

Every industry has its influential outliers that set the course for future endeavors, and for the medium of video games Shadow of the Colossus is definitely one of those. Nearly 10 years old now, the game doesn’t stand on the shoulders of giants—in this case, it is the giant.... Continue Reading

The "F" Word: pro-choice or anti-choice, it's still a woman's issue

Let’s talk about one of the most controversial topics in society—abortion.  This matter seems never-ending because it’s one of those topics that splits society right down the middle. According to Debate.org, abortion is one of their biggest and most divisive issues, as the poll usually stands at more or less 50 per cent while most... Continue Reading

Going Global: Iran and the bomb, a history

After 12 years of negotiations, the United States mediated a deal with Iran. In exchange for reducing their nuclear capability, numerous sanctions hindering the economy of Iran will be lifted. Shortly after the deal was announced, President Obama said that the guidelines, if fully implemented, would prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. “Iran will... Continue Reading

Video Game Logic: First impressions of Darkest Dungeon

Genre: Turn based dungeon crawler Release: February 2015 (Early Access) Platforms: Windows, PS4 (on completion) Writer’s note: Darkest Dungeon is an early access title and as such its content is continually being tweaked, fixed and expanded upon. What follows are my thoughts on the game in its current state as of March 4, 2015 and... Continue Reading

Going Global: Israel is America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East

  Israel recently had a national election, with incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party securing 30 out of 120 seats in the Knesset, more than any other party. Netanyahu’s major foreign policy goal is to nullify Iran as a threat to their national security. However, Netanyahu has been testing the tight U.S.-Israeli relationship, especially after comments... Continue Reading

Fireside Chats with Alan Davis

Academic freedom and freedom of speech. By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] When Alan Davis, president of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, was in graduate school at SFU in the ‘70s, he was using x-ray crystallography to determine the structure of inorganic compounds. He was working under the supervision of Fred Einstein of SFU, and in partnership with... Continue Reading

The "F" Word

Feminism is for everybody. By Aileen Tran [columnist] Trigger warning: article discusses sexual assault. Feminism is not just for women, it is for everyone. However, it is primarily focused on battling against the sexism against women, because they are the oppressed group. Women’s oppression is validated by the fact that it is present in the... Continue Reading

Going Global

The impact of Sykes-Picot in the Middle East. By Tristan Johnston [columnist] “I should like to draw a line from the ‘e’ in Acre to the last ‘k’ in Kirkuk.” – Mark Sykes While there are many factors contributing to the current disorder in the Middle East, there’s an argument to be made that some... Continue Reading

Fireside Chats with Alan Davis

Brown paper packages tied up with string. By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] “Are we rolling Bob?” Alan Davis asks me as I turn on my recorder. “That’s a Bob Dylan quote,” he explains. “In the beginning of one quote he says, ‘Are we rolling Bob?’ and then he starts singing.” Davis, the president of Kwantlen... Continue Reading

The “F” Word

Bill C-36 is criminal. Aileen Tran [columnist] Sex work is not criminal, Stephen Harper is. On Nov. 4, the federal government made the treacherous decision of passing Bill C-36, The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. The bill is highly criticized, and rightly so because the act is built on a false premise. The... Continue Reading

Going Global

North Korea’s game of chess. By Tristan Johnston [columnist] Recently, Americans Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller were returned to the United States after being placed into North Korean labour camps for “antigovernment activities.” Bae was arrested for “conspiring to topple the government” through his church group, and Miller was arrested for “unruly behaviour” when he... Continue Reading

Going Global

What’s going on in Hong Kong? Tristan Johnston [columnist] In September, many parts of Hong Kong ground to a halt when large swaths of students protested Beijing’s decision to further falsify their democracy. The central Chinese government, which has had formal control over Hong Kong since 1997, had announced that they would allow the people... Continue Reading

The “F” Word

Colouring feminism. By Aileen Tran Let’s take back the word “Feminism” and colour it beautiful. Let’s colour it until the white privilege is covered with the strength of women of colour. We need to dig ourselves out of the first and second waves because the feminism that derived from those first two initial movements is... Continue Reading