Activists, Artists, and Attendees Gather at KPU in Solidarity with One Billion Rising

One in three women will be beaten or raped within their lifetime. This frightening statistic is what motivates the organizers of the One Billion Rising campaign, an initiative that has been calling for awareness and prevention of violence against women since it was launched in 2012. The Network to Eliminate Violence in Relationships (NEVR), a... Continue Reading

Surrey Author Makes Her Debut with Historical Fiction

Once a full-time small business owner in Surrey, Tanya E. Williams is now a published author, marking her fiction debut with a period piece called Becoming Mrs Smith. The novella follows the life of a woman growing up in smalltown America before the second World War, beginning with her fight to survive scarlet fever as... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Wax Cowboy

The “bandmates first, friends second” mentality is at the heart of plenty of indie acts, but it means something special to Wax Cowboy, a Vancouver four-piece who have known each other since high school. Together, frontman Atley King, drummer Eric Sanderson, bassist John Domenici, and guitarist Taliesin Mason-McCrea grew up listening to Billy Talent, fumbling... Continue Reading

From the Editor: The Fets Whiskey Raid Was a Pathetic Use of City Resources

Vancouver is fraught with crises. The opioid epidemic has ended literally thousands of lives, homelessness remains an enormous issue, and the housing shortage is sending the city’s affordability into a nosedive that threatens the financial security of countless Vancouverites. This is why it’s appalling that while all of this and more plagues this city, the... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Tim the Mute

If you’ve ever seen Tim the Mute live, you’ll know him as the guy who smiles ear-to-ear on stage while singing about some of the bleakest topics explorable through popular music. As a songwriter, Tim Clapp refuses to shy away from the personal and taboo; subjects like mental illness, toxic relationships, and sexuality come up... Continue Reading

Coffee & Islam Challenges Misconceptions from Canadian Cafes

British Columbians who have found themselves with unanswered questions about Islam can now pursue a greater understanding of the religion by having a personal conversation, and a hot drink, with a local Muslim. As part of the Coffee & Islam campaign, Canadian Muslims are making themselves available to anybody with an inquisitive mind to sit... Continue Reading

Vancouver Charity Asks Students to “Search for Jugaad”

KPU students with innovative ideas for making education more accessible abroad could soon be headed to India with $1,000 in their pocket. The Walking School Bus, a charity founded by Aaron Friedland, has launched a contest called “Search for Jugaad”, which encourages young and bright students to submit their best ideas for how to make... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Feeling distrustful of Canadian media? Stay attentive

The news bubble which many readers, reporters, and editors commonly find themselves trapped in has not become any less problematic over the past year, despite the anti-news rhetoric that continues to assail us. Unless you’re actively looking for media representations of beliefs that oppose your own, it can be difficult to find an article that... Continue Reading

KPU to Become Smoke-Free in 2018

Students, staff, and faculty who smoke at KPU will soon be asked to “butt out” while on campus. On Sept. 28 the university sent students and staff an email from KPU President Alan Davis, who wrote that he is “pleased to share the news that KPU will go smoke-free on Jan. 21, 2018,” with the... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Duck!

With a sound inspired by 90s pop punk, Duck! invites the Vancouver community to get silly with them at their live shows. The band in its current form has only existed since the end of the summer, when Jens Johnson, Sam Herle, Devalin Galloway, and David Webb came together to start a playful, down-to-earth project.... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Universities Must Differentiate Between Free Speech and Hate Speech

Wilfrid Laurier University was right to apologize to Lindsay Shepherd, a teaching assistant who was chastised for showing her students a controversial video about using gender neutral pronouns in academic writing. The video demonstrated the thoughts and opinions of an outspoken advocate named Jordan Peterson who disagrees with using the gender neutral “they” as a... Continue Reading

Delegate Reports Harassment at CFS Meeting

Lauren Emberson, Vice-President Student Life and Events for the Ryerson Student Union, has filed an official complaint to harassment officers with the Canadian Federation of Students for how she was treated at the organization’s most recent general meeting. According to her reports, Emberson experienced what she believed to be targeted discrimination and exclusion at the... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson

After a year spent producing YouTube covers in Montreal, indie duo Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson have brought their music to Vancouver, and for the first time, it’s original. Following an EP of cover songs, the band recently released four singles that they wrote themselves—”Dream Out Loud”, “Can’t Stop Me Now”, “Ghost of You”, and... Continue Reading

Road Through Hawthorne Park Approved Via Alternative Approval Process

Steven Pettigrew, the primary organiser of the activist movement to prevent the construction of a road through Surrey’s Hawthorne Park, says that the city’s decision on Nov. 6 to pave over part of the green space hasn’t shaken him. Instead, he is working with provincial legislators to change the alternative approval process that contributed to... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Remembering Little Doug, the hero of the Surrey Strip who passed away last month

After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, the man known as the guardian angel of the Surrey Strip has passed away. “Little” Doug Nickerson reportedly saved close to 150 lives during his time on the streets by carrying naloxone kits with him everywhere he cycled. His bike route primarily stretched along the two most impoverished... Continue Reading