From top left to bottom right: Melissa Kuipers, Hannah Karren, Nada Hayek, and Sonya Rez of Necking in their Vancouver jam space. (Alyssa Laube)

Artist Spotlight: Necking

A band that started as a joke between friends has blossomed into a festival-playing local favourite by the name of Necking. One thing that’s absolutely essential to know about them: the band is witty. And while each of the individual members are funny—and use the word freely to describe one another—the material covered in their... Continue Reading
(Tristan Johnston)

Kwantlen Student Association Votes to Revoke KPIRG’s Funding

Story updated at May 17, 1:20pm. As a result of the allegations of fraud that the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group made against its founder and former employee, the Kwantlen Student Association has voted to revoke and hold the funding they collect from students on KPIRG’s behalf. The KSA believes that the alleged fraud—totalling approximately... Continue Reading
Murdoch de Mooy has been involved with the KSA for a couple years (Braden Klassen)

KPU Elects New Senate and Board of Governors

The results of the spring election for Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Senate and Board of Governors have been released, with new faculty, students, and support staff preparing to begin their terms in September. For faculty positions on the Senate, David Burns and Robert Dearle were chosen to represent the Faculty of Arts. Carlos Calao is representing... Continue Reading
(Alyssa Laube)

Kimberly McMartin Kept Fighting for KPU Students

Five years ago, Kimberly McMartin ran for her first position in the Kwantlen Student Association. Shortly after, she came to know about the students with disabilities seat on Council and, once voted in, embarked on what would become a long endeavour to make KPU a more accessible and inclusive place to study. “I’m a student... Continue Reading
(Nicola Kwit)

African-Canadians Request Apology for Slavery in Nova Scotia

Before Canada confederated, the results of the Atlantic slave trade remained pervasive in Nova Scotia. Many of the first Black people who arrived there came from across the border as slaves —according to a 2009 paper by historian Harvey Amani Whitfield, at least 1,232 slaves were brought to Nova Scotia by slave-owning Loyalists following the... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Dilemma Season

Between finding the right session artists to fill out the sound, planning out a record alone, and constantly cranking out content, chasing success as a solo musician can be extremely taxing. This is the way that Scott Hardy, a Vancouver singer-songwriter who has been contributing to the scene for years, has been living since he... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Why the Pope won’t apologize for residential schools

Many were shocked to hear that Pope Francis—widely celebrated as one of history’s most progressive pontiffs—refused to apologize to victims of Canadian residential schools when asked to do so by Justin Trudeau, on behalf of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Little explanation for this decision was offered to the public despite the debate that now... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Sleepy Gonzales

It’s not every day that an indie rock band plays at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. The chances of being able to watch live music anywhere near the Surrey campus are usually fairly abysmal, with only open mics and special performances popping up from time to time. That’s why, when Sleepy Gonzales played at the Grassroots Cafe... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Consider the unintended consequences of banning ivory

At a recent conference of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, Canada was one of a measly four countries to oppose the notion of banning domestic ivory trading. With the particular type of ivory left unspecified in the motion, Canada had cause to be concerned about harming the national Inuit narwhal and walrus... Continue Reading
From left to right: KPIRG Directors Jagdeep Mangat, Simon Massey, and Raqiya Khan at KPIRG's annual general meeting. (Tristan Johnston)

Details on Hossein Lawsuit Revealed Following KPIRG AGM

with files from Tristan Johnston, Contributor  While the case between the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group and Richard Hossein remains in its earliest stages, some affiliated with KPIRG are opening up about what happened with approximately $112,000 in allegedly misappropriated funds collected from its membership. They have also divulged what they are doing now to address... Continue Reading

In Celebration of Women’s Day, KSA Hold Day-Long Series of Events

Ecofeminism was the topic on the table for the six panelists at Women Working Together, a day-long event at KPU Surrey on March 12. Designed to spark a conversation about the ties between race, gender, and sustainability, was divided into three sections for anyone interested in brushing up on the meaning behind modern women’s issues.... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Getaway Van

A band that only came together last October has successfully gigged, released a record, and made touring plans for the summer in a mad dash to create a name for themselves in the local music scene. Getaway Van—a four piece with members Charlie Cole, Devon Sutherland, Derek Lionas, and Zach Fox—put out a live-off-the-floor three-song... Continue Reading

KPIRG Sues Founder and Former Employee for Fraud

with files from Tristan Johnston, Contributor  According to a notice of civil claim filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on March 23, the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group is suing one of its founders and former administrative coordinator, Richard Hossein, for fraud. Last year, Hossein allegedly made a series of false claims to... Continue Reading

Former Poet Laureate Speaks at KPU’s Day to Eliminate Racism

As the seventh poet laureate of Canada, and as an Afro-Métis man, George Elliot Clarke has a unique perspective on the country he lives in. In government, policy, and society at large, Clarke sees not only systemic racism and sexism, but also a path forward for creating a more inclusive and genuinely multicultural Canada. He... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Win fabulous prizes and support The Runner on March 27!

On March 27, we’ll be giving away three prizes to KPU students: a MacBook Air, a Nintendo Switch, and a designer Herschel backpack. The editors of The Runner have spent the past few months working to change the Polytechnic Ink Publishing Society’s extremely out of date bylaws, which are the rules we need to abide... Continue Reading