From the Editor: The Runner’s Stance on Covering the Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Movement

A recent Media Indigena episode by Rick Harp, Kim TallBear, and Candice Callison examined the debate between the media’s use of the term “protectors” versus “protestors” in reference to Indigenous people acting against the Coastal GasLink Pipeline. The episode opened with commentary about a story titled “War of words: Experts say the Wet’suwet’en actions are... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Newsrooms are disproportionately white. Here’s what The Runner’s doing about it.

Picture a journalist. Who do you see? Most minds will conjure up a Walter Cronkite type — white, male, cisgender, probably straight. Likely wearing a stiff tie and a button-up, nearing their fifties, semi-decrepit. Embarrassingly enough, that image isn’t far off from the truth. Much like politics, journalism has long been overwhelmingly dominated by white... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Non La

Feeling isolated as a queer Chinese-Vietnamese man in Vancouver was getting old for DJ On by the time he decided to spend a year in Taiwan, where he hoped life would be gayer, more fun, and less white. In retrospect, On says, that wish was granted. When he left Canada, he was a bored, seventh-year... Continue Reading

From the Editor: What’s Going On for Black History Month in Vancouver

According to Historica Canada, the first named Black person to set foot on Canadian soil was Mathieu Da Costa, a translator hired by European explorers to communicate with Indigenous people in 1605. Fourteen years later, the first ship of African slaves to reach British North America docked in what is now Jamestown, Ontario, and systemic... Continue Reading

Richmond-Based Company Leads the Sustainable Maritime Technology Industry

Look across the water from Vancouver’s English Bay and you’ll see a beautiful, blue expanse teeming with plants, animals — and humongous industrial ships lining the horizon. Rain or shine, night or day, vessels carrying everything from coffee to chemicals float in and out of Vancouver’s harbour, leaving a trail of greenhouse gasses behind them.... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Oatmeal Queen

Paloma Pendharkar really likes oatmeal. Specifically, she likes rolled oats cooked with chia over fresh banana and walnuts, topped with hemp seeds, cinnamon, and soy milk. Her name’s origin story is as simple as that. She’s a queen who loves her oatmeal. Her origin story as an artist, however, is longer and more complicated. Pendharkar’s... Continue Reading

Spring Saving Tips From KPU Students

Utilize Disability Advisors and Academic Accommodations Marcus Jones, Contributor It’s a new semester, and for first-year students, an entirely new environment. All of a sudden, you’re a little fish in a big pond. There’s a daunting list of responsibilities to take on. You’re taking a big step to becoming an adult, and making that leap... Continue Reading

From the Editor: A Year of The Runner in Review and What’s to Come for 2020

January is always an exciting time for The Runner staff. Having just come back from Canada’s annual student journalism conference, NASH, our newsroom usually kicks off the new year full of passion and ideas. This year is no different. And although 2020 marks my fifth year with the paper — as well as my fifth... Continue Reading

What It Takes to Get a Snow Day at KPU

As soon as snow shows up in the forecast, Marlyn Graziano picks up her phone to schedule meetings and gather troops for scoping out roads and sidewalks. As the university’s vice-president of external affairs, she is the primary point of contact for anyone interested in how KPU makes the decision to either shut down or... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Now that we’re big kids, the holidays just aren’t what they used to be

With each passing year, it becomes harder to tell if the holidays were immeasurably more magical as a kid or if the world just isn’t fit for fun anymore. Admittedly, things get a little less whimsical after you find out Santa isn’t real or discover that the gently falling snow outside is actually due to... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Nimkish

Nimkish Younging’s evolution as an artist is a tale of metamorphosis as much as it is a testament to art created through hardship. Her debut album, Heartbreak on the Coast, is a creative representation of the time she spent grappling with her identity as a queer Indigenous woman — a struggle that remained private until... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Use streaming services to educate yourself and stay #woke over the holidays

These days, it seems like every producer and their dog is making a cutting-edge documentary or weaving bold, progressive narratives into their series scripts. If you look at the Netflix homepage, you’ll see a whole bunch of social commentary rife with comedy and drama. Many of the most popular shows on right now like Dear... Continue Reading

When B.C. Goes Up in Flames, Rural Communities Need the Most Support

In 2017, British Columbia was swallowed by a wildfire season that left the skies hazy, rural communities devastated, and families displaced. The province declared a 70 day-long state of emergency, the longest in its history and the first to be declared since the similarly sized wildfire season of 2003. More than 65,000 residents were displaced... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Girlsnails

Jackson Bell was starry-eyed at a talent show when he first grew interested in playing music with Michael Robertson, the guitarist who would later become one of eight members of the Surrey-born and based math rock band Girlsnails. Alone with his guitar on stage, a teenaged Robertson performed a progressive metal riff which impressed Bell... Continue Reading

News Brief: RCMP Deport Three International Students After Investigating Public Fights in Surrey

Three international students have been deported due to a violent altercation that took place in Strawberry Hills in August, and the visas of three others are under review as a result of another incident that took place along 128 Street on Nov. 11. Both of these fights, which took place in large groups, were caught... Continue Reading