From the Editor: Don’t cry — here are some recent wins for climate action

There, there. I know it’s been a hard year for all the environmentalists out there, but buck up! There is a silver lining, such as the bankruptcy of leading coal giant Murray Energy and a slew of other natural resource companies. Yay! “Murray Energy, once a symbol of American mining prowess, has become the eighth... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: mellowhaunt

Aliens, deserts, and “masturbating to static TV” are some of the images you might find drifting through your head as you listen to dark pop duo mellowhaunt’s first record, set to be released on Feb. 28 at Red Gate on Main Street. The concept for the album came about when half of mellowhaunt, Matthew DeBeer... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Now that the scariest season of the year is over (bye-bye, election 2019), let’s celebrate Halloween

Go on and breathe a deep sigh of relief, because the election is finally over. Whatever happened happened, and we’re stuck with it for the next four years. Yay, democracy! Regardless of how you feel about our new government, Halloween is on its way, and that means it’s time to bust out your pumpkin-carving knives... Continue Reading

A Personal Take on Vancouver's Psychic Circuit

Five hundred years after the death of Christ, using crystal balls to detect messages from the spirit realm was outlawed in the Roman Empire, and the once-commonly accepted practice of crystallomancy faded from the mainstream Western world. Crystallomancy, or seeing meaningful visions in reflective or clear materials, is one of many purported ways of seeking... Continue Reading

How the Major Parties in Canada’s 2019 Election Plan to Improve Public Transportation

As a service directly related to environmentalism, commerce, and labour, public transit is an integral element of all of the major parties’ platforms in this year’s federal election. While each of them—including the Green Party, Liberal Party, Conservative Party, and New Democratic Party—aim to address the concerns of commuters from all around the country, how... Continue Reading

This Humanitarian Advocates for Crossing Party Lines

Claire Barrat, raised in a small town on Vancouver island, has “always been more of a left-wing voter,” but didn’t start working on campaigns for progressive change until last year. Since then, she has decided to stay unaffiliated with any particular party. It took time and experience for her to make that decision, however. While... Continue Reading

Sugar Babies in School are Skipping Out on Student Debt

“You + SeekingArrangement = No Student Debt”. So says the advertisement for Sugar Baby University, the collective of post-secondary students using the sugar dating website SeekingArrangement. And apparently, in many cases, that equation adds up. According to the site, over 4.2 million students worldwide are on SeekingArrangement to find sugar daddies and mommies, and the... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Take the reins on your education by getting into experiential learning

I’ve been here almost four years now—going on five in the journalism program—and in all that time, I have not had what I consider a genuine hands-on learning experience in my field during class hours. When I say hands-on, I don’t mean taking necessary baby steps like capturing photos on campus to learn how to... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Primary

At the heart of any improvisational music is the desire to perform with creativity and freedom, to experiment independently and collaborate with like-minded artists at the same time. Such is the case for Primary, a three-piece jazz-inspired improv group that has been leaving its mark on stages around Vancouver since its debut at the Museum... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Kendra Dias

Kendra Dias hopes that her music will empower listeners to find self-assurance and overcome their hardships, but failing that, she’ll keep making it for her own peace of mind—just like she has since high school.  Dias grew up in a strictly religious household, surrounded by friends with difficult lives, and writing songs was the only... Continue Reading

Vancouver Is Awesome’s recent piece on the DTES is a fine example of journalistic irresponsibility in local media

So many articles have been written about media misrepresentation of the Downtown Eastside that it’s hard to believe we’re still talking about it. Yet here we are, still reading headlines like “We bought illegal cigarettes in the Downtown Eastside so you don’t have to” — written in August by the editor in chief of Vancouver... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Kylie V

Kylie V’s debut, Lotus Eater, was recorded entirely on their iPhone in their family home. Their dad played the drums on the tracks, and at most of their shows, you’ll see Kylie with their grandpa—also a drummer—close in tow. The high school student has only released one record so far under the eponymous project, but... Continue Reading

Instructors Express Concern over Accessibility Barriers Within KPU’s Complaint Filing Policy

KPU’s policy on filing complaints about instruction, services, employees, or university conduct may be fundamentally inaccessible to vulnerable students, according to two concerned faculty members. Also known as policy AD2, the document lays out a series of principles and procedures that must be followed by anyone using it as a framework to file a complaint.... Continue Reading

From the Editor: The low-down on the KPU Experience from a Soon-to-Be Arts Grad

Sharpen your pencils and charge your laptops, kiddos, because the fall semester is almost here. Soon, we will all be thrust back into the world of constantly approaching deadlines, three-hour lectures, and learning! So, so much learning. Contain your excitement and hold your applause. Scooch back from the edge of your seats, please. I may... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: DACEY

Dacey Andrada started her musical career by singing along to VHS tapes of live concerts in her childhood home. Even then, she and her family knew she would go on to do something with her voice, and that didn’t change as she got older. Over a decade later, when she met her current bandmates at... Continue Reading