KPU Fine Arts Graduates Prepare for Year-end Exhibition

With the spring semester nearly over, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s art aficionados should be happy to learn that the upcoming BFA graduates will soon be exhibiting some of their best works. The exhibit, titled Until Now, will be made up of art pieces in a variety of mediums such as paintings, sculptures, ceramic works, photography, and... Continue Reading

KPIRG’s Autonomy Agreement with the KSA Could be at Risk

Following a Kwantlen Student Association Council meeting on April 6, newly elected President Caitlin McCutchen said that she is currently unable to confirm whether or not the KSA is planning to take steps towards defunding KPIRG in response to the alleged fraud committed by KPIRG founder and former staff member Richard Hossein. “We have the... Continue Reading
Stephen Dyrgas

After Thought: A Post-Budget Primer on Carole James

Now that the provincial budget has been announced and the dust has somewhat settled, it warrants a retrospective look at the woman who is at the centre of it all: The Honourable Carole James, MLA for Victoria Beacon Hill, B.C. NDP Finance Minister and Deputy Premier of British Columbia. James first entered the public arena... Continue Reading

Surrey RCMP Visit Schools to Help Keep Kids Out of Gangs

The RCMP’s Surrey Gang Enforcement Team has been delivering presentations to school communities in Surrey that aim to educate students—particularly those in grades six and seven—about the hazards of getting involved with criminal gangs. The outreach initiative, Shattering the Image, was started in the fall of 2017 to dispel the myth that gang activity is... Continue Reading

After Thought: B.C. Youth Deserve an Equal Place in Our Democracy

In mid-March, B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver made an announcement suggesting that the province should lower the voting age to 16. It’s a good idea based on a simple premise: that the youth of today deserve to have a say in their future. The internet has given members of our society an unprecedented ability... Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Legalization (But Were Too High to Ask)

Thanks to Bill C-45, 2018 will be the year that it becomes legal for Canadian adults to buy cannabis for their personal use. Canadians have been able to access cannabis for medical purposes since Health Canada began to regulate it in 2001, but the drug has been prohibited federally since 1923, when it was included... Continue Reading

Federal Budget Incentivises Universities to Address Sexual Assault on Campuses

The federal government has committed to supporting survivors of sexual assault and misconduct at universities across Canada. The newly released federal budget contains a section that designates $5.5 million to be spent over the next five years to fund sexual assault support centres in Canadian universities. The government also issued a warning to universities that... Continue Reading

KPU Tech To Create New Mechatronics Program with Government Funding

The KPU Trades and Technology Department will be offering a new program in the near future thanks to some funding from the provincial government. The new mechatronics and advanced manufacturing program will be created with the help of a $4.4-million investment in developing post-secondary trades programs across the province that the government announced in January.... Continue Reading

After Thought: Whining and Dining with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley

Economic sanctions are supposed to be used as a last resort to end a pattern of harmful behaviour undertaken by a government—usually as a deterrent to armed conflict and human rights violations. Currently, Canada has imposed sanctions against 19 countries worldwide, including Russia for its role in supporting separatism in the Ukraine, North Korea in... Continue Reading

I Love Pineapple on Pizza and So Should You

Ananas comosus, or the common pineapple, is a medium-sized yellow fruit with a sweet tangy flavour, a half-chewy, half-crunchy texture, and a pokey, leathery outer rind crowned with an adorable little hairdo of spiky leaves on top. It tastes great by itself, in fruit salads, in pina coladas, and yes, as a topping on pizza.... Continue Reading

Bigger and Better: A Sneak Peek at the KDocs 2018 Festival

KDocs is back again with more documentaries and more speakers than ever before. Starting on Feb. 15, documentary film lovers will be able to attend the festival at Vancity Theatre on Seymour Street in Vancouver. Those who go will be able to check out a the latest documentaries and listen to panel discussions featuring directors... Continue Reading

After Thought: No LNG or No Confidence

On Jan. 15, B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver tweeted, “If BCNDP caucus continue the generational sellout embodied in the LNG folly of the BC Liberals, their government will fall.” This was in response to a DeSmog Canada article that illuminated the provincial government’s appalling failure to meet their emissions reduction target for 2020. The... Continue Reading

Legal Trouble Between the KSA and the BCFS Concludes

For years, the Kwantlen Student Association and the British Columbia Federation of Students have been embroiled in legal disputes over the student association’s attempt to leave the federation via referendum in 2013. The BCFS claimed that the association owed outstanding fees which invalidated its right to host a petition, and further disputed that the KSA’s... Continue Reading

Afterthought: The Proportional Representation Circus in British Columbia

Decisions are hard. Democracy is complicated. Would reforming the current electoral system and instituting proportional representation help make it easier for British Columbians to elect the policymakers they wish to see leading the province? Probably. The whole point of proportional representation systems like “mixed-member proportional” or “single-transferable-vote” is to ensure that the makeup of MLAs... Continue Reading

Can we Distance Artists from their Artwork?

As more reports of sexual assault allegations and misconduct in Hollywood are made public with each day, discussions about blacklisting celebrities for their actions have become increasingly relevant. People are questioning if it’s okay to still see that movie starring an abusive artist, or to watch their Netflix special. Two of The Runner’s staff members... Continue Reading