After Thought: No LNG or No Confidence

On Jan. 15, B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver tweeted, “If BCNDP caucus continue the generational sellout embodied in the LNG folly of the BC Liberals, their government will fall.” This was in response to a DeSmog Canada article that illuminated the provincial government’s appalling failure to meet their emissions reduction target for 2020. The... Continue Reading

Legal Trouble Between the KSA and the BCFS Concludes

For years, the Kwantlen Student Association and the British Columbia Federation of Students have been embroiled in legal disputes over the student association’s attempt to leave the federation via referendum in 2013. The BCFS claimed that the association owed outstanding fees which invalidated its right to host a petition, and further disputed that the KSA’s... Continue Reading

Afterthought: The Proportional Representation Circus in British Columbia

Decisions are hard. Democracy is complicated. Would reforming the current electoral system and instituting proportional representation help make it easier for British Columbians to elect the policymakers they wish to see leading the province? Probably. The whole point of proportional representation systems like “mixed-member proportional” or “single-transferable-vote” is to ensure that the makeup of MLAs... Continue Reading

Can we Distance Artists from their Artwork?

As more reports of sexual assault allegations and misconduct in Hollywood are made public with each day, discussions about blacklisting celebrities for their actions have become increasingly relevant. People are questioning if it’s okay to still see that movie starring an abusive artist, or to watch their Netflix special. Two of The Runner’s staff members... Continue Reading

Afterthought: Don’t Hold Your Breath for High-Speed Rail to Seattle

In late November, Washington Governor Jay Inslee paid a visit to the B.C. Legislative Assembly to announce that he would soon release a report on the feasibility of a high speed rail system that would stretch from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia. A part of the report apparently says that the trains on the... Continue Reading

Fixing an Unaffordable City

Imagine paying $700 per month to sleep in the living room of someone else’s home. It sounds absurd, but it’s becoming an increasingly common practice in Vancouver, where the price of renting or owning a place to live has been on the rise over the past 12 years. According to the Real Estate Board of... Continue Reading

Afterthought: The Profitability of the Alt-Right’s Cults of Personality

Thinking for yourself is hard, and it’s getting harder these days. Technology is a double-edged sword—it’s given us access to more information than ever before, as well as a platform to distort and disseminate that information without being held accountable. The internet has become a rhetorical battleground for the “SJW” hegemony and the “Alt-Right” crusaders... Continue Reading

Anime Fandom Forms KPU’s Newest Club

For its first event, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s newest student group, the KPU Anime Club, joined a crowd of anime fans from other post-secondary institutions. The club was founded in November by Murdoch de Mooy, Kwantlen Student Association Faculty of Arts Representative, after he was contacted by a UBC librarian who asked if KPU had an... Continue Reading

Evaluating Trudeau at the Two Year Mark

KPU Political Science professors discuss the Prime Minister’s performance halfway through his four-year term It may be hard to believe, but two years have already passed since the last federal election resulted in a Liberal majority in the Parliament of Canada. It has been two years since Justin Trudeau became the Prime Minister, and two... Continue Reading

Behind the Mask: The Selfishness of Black Bloc

Agitators disguised as protesters have been disrupting demonstrations to satisfy their desire for violence Without sustained public protests, standard human rights in North America would probably be centuries behind where they are today. Historically, important and impactful protests like the Stonewall Riots, the Birmingham campaign, and the Vietnam War protests would turn violent because of... Continue Reading

The Controversial Legacy of Che Guevara Lives on in Vancouver

Revolutionary thinkers gathered in East Van to observe the 50th anniversary of the death of the famous Marxist figure The radical leanings of Communism seem like an oddity in the sphere of contemporary Canadian politics. Ideals of revolution and extreme socialism sound anachronistic, but they have not disappeared entirely from modern discourse. The seventh annual... Continue Reading

After Thought: The CRA Probably Won’t Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

In light of the Paradise Papers, the Canada Revenue Agency is unlikely to bring tax evaders to justice If a corporation finds out that its employees are embezzling money, the corporation fires these people and presses charges. These people end up penniless and in prison, and the corporation receives its restitution. If wealthy Canadians stash... Continue Reading

Afterthought: “Adopt BC Kids” is the Craigslist of B.C. Foster Care

The site is an example of poor marketing that insults the children it seeks to help Last year, the provincial government launched an online service called Adopt BC Kids. The service, which is touted as the first of its kind in Canada, is meant to expedite the typically slow process of adoption by aggregating the... Continue Reading

Legal Trouble Between the KSA and the BCFS Continues

The BCFS have appealed a court decision that would allow the KSA to continue with a referendum they tried to hold in 2013 The Kwantlen Student Association was the respondent of an appeal from the British Columbia Federation of Students on Sept. 18 that could delay the KSA’s ongoing efforts to defederate from the BCFS.... Continue Reading

KSA Council By-Election Winners Announced

The results of the 2017 Kwantlen Student Association By-Election were announced Oct. 19. Emily Haugen, Mamanjot Kaur, and Munir Khalid-Dossa are the KSA’s new constituency representatives. With 90 votes, Haugen was elected the Aboriginal Students Representative while her competitors, Sarah Strachan and Bruce Ferguson, received 50 and 38 votes, respectively. Kaur is the new International... Continue Reading