HST referendum cometh

The long-awaited vote on the controversial HST will begin June 13 (delayed by the Canada Post lockout).... Continue Reading

KSA executive board puts hold on legal cases

Board fires long-time lawyer David Borins; suit against Reduce All Fees party members ‘paused.’... Continue Reading

Banned former KSA director frustrated by slow investigation

Franson: “The process of contacting her might not have happened yet.”... Continue Reading

KSA votes to ban electronic recordings of council meetings

Surrey director argues that move to stop recording public meetings will prevent things from “getting leaked.”... Continue Reading

KSA council passes new unseen regulations

New KSA Regulations have still not been released.... Continue Reading

Council members no-shows at KSA meeting

Nearly three-quarters of voting members didn’t attend the April 27 council meeting.... Continue Reading

KSA execs allege 'gross and negligent mismanagement'

Finance director compares Grassroots café to Zimbabwe and dictator Robert Mugabe.... Continue Reading

New KSA council bans former director

Reena Bali is still waiting for an explanation.... Continue Reading

KSA votes yes to increase their pay

Executive compensation rises by 40 per cent. ... Continue Reading

Linklater wins second board of governors seat

Only 163 votes were cast in the election do-over.... Continue Reading
Registrar Robert Hensley says campaign rules need to be reformed. MATT DIMERA/The Runner

New election ordered for board of governors

Election appeal committee invalidates results saying candidate unfairly compromised ‘voting booth.’... Continue Reading

Allegations delay board of governors election results; senate results in

Appeal committee to decide on problems with vote.... Continue Reading

KSA revenues rise by $670,000

The KSA took in more money in 2010 than ever before.... Continue Reading

Fine Arts teacher Margaretha Bootsma passes away

Inspirational teacher’s influence will live on.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen club raises money for Japan

Japan Club raises close to $1,000 for Red Cross relief efforts.... Continue Reading