Photo contest gives away over $6500 in Kwantlen Kash

Kwantlen recently announced the winners of the “It’s my Kwantlen” student photo contest, which had over $6500 of Kwantlen “Kash” up for grabs.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen harvesting a degree in Sustainable Agriculture

While the addictive nature of Facebook’s Farmville app may be to blame for a few failed quizzes, Kwantlen Polytechnic University students may finally have a chance to see if they have what it takes to bring in a harvest.... Continue Reading

Eco-friendly ways to get down and dirty [to clean]

I continued to look into what baking soda could clean, and it looks like you can clean everything from the wine stain on your white shirt, to the mould infestation growing in your shower and the nasty toilet you’ve been abusing.... Continue Reading

Light Rail Transit coming to Kwantlen?

Rapid transit to connect Kwantlen campuses in the South Fraser region?... Continue Reading

BC Place: New Roof Old Memories

By Dominic Sramaty [Sports Bureau Chief] For the time being the deflation of “The Dome” on BC Place has been postponed to May 4th due to rain and is subject to even more delays if the weather does not comply. But as we all await the second coming of a legendary stadium we are left... Continue Reading

Gulf of Mexico spill warning to B.C.

As oil spills terrorize our oceans and coastlines, oil tankers make their way through B.C. waterways everyday. ... Continue Reading

KSA Looking for Student Feedback Using New U-Pass Posters

By Chris Yee [Student Affairs Bureau Chief] The KSA has recently set up posters asking for Kwantlen students’ suggestions on the U-Pass. The posters, which started being posted in late April, are equipped with a pen and paper for passers-by to jot down any ideas they may have regarding the U-Pass. Matt Todd, Director of... Continue Reading

Kwantlen recieves largest donation to date from philanthropist

By Denny Hollick [Coordinating Editor] Kwantlen has set a new record for the largest donation made to their foundation by a single individual. The unprecedented donation of $2.5 million was set by Dr. Irving K. Barber, founder of Slocan Forest Products Ltd., on Apr. 26, 2010. The money has been designated to improve and develop... Continue Reading

Fake pot gives real high

A new product is making the rounds on the recreational drug scene. Called K2 Spice, K2 or simply Spice, the product is being sold legally in Canada as an herbal incense and then smoked by users to achieve a high similar to the one given off by marijuana. ... Continue Reading

Story closest to my heart

Street racing claims a life, and the driver walks free. One family’s outrage.... Continue Reading

The wrong kind of life

A personal look at how gang violence affects families.... Continue Reading

Feature: Sterotypes of a stoner

Kyle Benning interviews a stoner on why he smokes pot, how it’s impacted his life and dealing with dealers.... Continue Reading

Surrey Council makes Anti-Bullying Day official

City of Surrey gives anti-bullying movement an official day.... Continue Reading

Psych students raise funds for Chile

The Vancouver Genocide and Human Rights group, created by Kwantlen psychology students, recently held a fundraiser to raise awareness and money to help out with the relief effort in Chile. The Runner sat down with Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani, Kwantlen Psychology professor and one of the founding faculty to discuss the group, its recent projects, and the importance of action. ... Continue Reading

Crash at Kwantlen's Surrey campus

A serious car accident on Kwantlen’s doorstep. April 6, 2010.... Continue Reading