1.2 Million Dollars in ‘renovation,’ but no expansion

Despite the barrage of press releases saying so, Richmond campus will only be receiving upgrades and not a full make-over ... Continue Reading

Social cleaning: the first Olympic event

By Jeff Shantz [Criminology Professor] The Vancouver-Whistler Olympic Winter Games are scheduled to take place on unceded Native lands, lands that were never given up by indigenous communities.  For growing numbers of indigenous people, homeless and poor people, low-income tenants and sex workers the Olympic Games represent a continued history of colonization and “social cleansing”... Continue Reading

Kwantlen gets less than 100 Olympic tickets

By Jeff Groat [Entertainment Bureau Chief] Kwantlen has gained access to less than a hundred tickets to the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games. The Vancouver Olympic Organzing Committee (VANOC) has been releasing the lucrative tickets in a series of lotteries, giving the selected winners the opportunity to buy tickets they have signed up for. Kwantlen... Continue Reading

Some profs have students costs in mind

In recent interviews with several instructors across a number of faculties, The Runner learned the method behind textbook choices. ... Continue Reading

Kwantlen wants to know if its grads are getting hired

By Adam Vincent [Creative Writing Bureau Chief] Now that Kwantlen is a fully fledged university, there is a need for statistical information about its graduates, especially as it relates to the effectiveness of their degree when they join the workforce. Kwantlen have contracted a market research company who have been emailing previous grads “on behalf... Continue Reading

Rate my professor: Kwantlen

By Denny Hollick [Co-ordinating Editor] Have you ever wanted to find out what kind of professor you’ll end up with in the upcoming semester? Perhaps you’re trying to rack up an all-star line-up of hipster profs who wear sunglasses at night during their lectures. With registration already here, these are questions that students want to... Continue Reading

Kwantlen student clubs: building community and resumes

Kwantlen has numerous student clubs that help students gain a broader perspective in their area of study and allow them to socialize/work with like-minded individuals.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen students participate in Peace discussions with Governor General

Nine Kwantlen students were invited by the Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean along with the Vancouver Organizing Committee to participate in a youth forum to discuss what has been a tradition of the game for many centuries – peace.... Continue Reading

My Life: Outsourced

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your very own personal assistant? I’ve always wanted to have someone take on the many tasks that I can never find the time to do: working on my website, booking my appointments, and doing my dry cleaning. It seems that the more immersed in the real world I become, the less time I have to get these sort of things done. Sometimes I go for weeks without being able to get small simple tasks done. Quite honestly, between working three jobs, going to school and still trying to have a social life, there isn’t enough time in the day to be me. Maybe you can relate.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen a first in North America

By Kassandra Linklater [News Editor] On Friday Oct. 16, Kwantlen launched their grand opening of Institute for Sustainable Horticulture (ISH). The event’s honoured guests included Langley MLA Mary Polak and Langley Major Peter Fassbender. Guests also had the opportunity to hear special guest speaker Mike Harcourt speak on sustainable communities in his capacity as Associate... Continue Reading

Kwantlen’s green efforts among best in B.C.

Kwantlen has been implementing programs, updating their bathrooms, and putting money into research to become a greener institution. The latest success in their quest to be greener is the grand opening of the Institute for Sustainable Horticulture’s research building.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen enrolment increases: but for how long?

Kwantlen has seen a strong rise in enrolment over the fall semester this year. Kwantlen officials claim to have seen an increase of nearly 5-10 per cent in all of their program areas, surpassing all the enrolment growth of other post secondary institution in B.C.... Continue Reading

Despite referundum results, Social Justice fund axed

Citing chronic underfunding of the Social Justice liaisons and programs, Students with Disabilities Liaison Ken McIntyre resigned from his post following the KSA council meeting on Oct. 6.... Continue Reading

Extreme yard makeover

Kwantlen horticulture students renovate house... Continue Reading

H1N1 at Kwantlen

Kwantlen has been gearing up their plans to prevent the spread of the H1N1 virus on campus in case of a major outbreak in the near future. The H1N1 virus has been at the centre of media controversy and has officially been declared as a world pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).... Continue Reading