Kwantlen’s EconCafe: Is a life worth $7 million?

EconCafe, a new discussion series hosted by the Economics Department, kicked off its inaugural event last week. The topic of the first event was the monetary value of human life in regards to public policy. ... Continue Reading

TOPIC THIS WEEK: The Decline of Housing Affordability

Owning a home in Canada is getting harder, according to a RBC Economics Research report. The quarterly report shows that their key RBC Housing Affordability Measures for Canada, which measures the percentage of household income taken up by ownership costs, moved up between 1.1 and 2.1percent in the second quarter of 2010- the fourth straight increase.... Continue Reading

Friends 4 Food fraught with obstacles

On Sept. 15, Eva Botten and Stefanie Leonard received $615 in fines from the Fraser Health authority for operating without license. The not-for-profit vegan vendor was created to give students another option than Sodexo, Grassroots and Tim Hortons.... Continue Reading

Council members boycott meetings

Decisions on the U-Pass and student union building may be delayed, as four members of the KSA student council walked out of last Thursday’s special council meeting, vowing to boycott all future council meetings until the newly appointed chair of the executive board resigns.... Continue Reading

BUSINESS: Job Hunting

For most students, back to school means working less or not working at all. However, there are those who continue to work while in school, and even some students still struggling to find a job. There are some people, not just students, that do not know how to approach their search for a job. It’s simple: you have to show that you want the job.... Continue Reading

CramJam goes off without a hitch

After a long day of perusing Welcome Week booths, Kwantlen students chilled out with a beer and pop-singer Karl Wolf at this year’s CramJam.... Continue Reading

UPASS a no-go for another year

The Kwantlen Student Association is expecting the university to have its hands on a $30 dollar U-Pass deal this September. But that doesn’t mean students will have their hands on the pass.... Continue Reading

KSA draws attention to TransLink’s bad buses

The Kwantlen Student Association recently held a ‘beat-the-bus’ competition to highlight the inefficiencies of the current transit system and how it impacts students trying to travel between campuses. ... Continue Reading

Changes come to Fir building

It seems like Kwantlen’s Surrey campus is on a never ending episode of extreme makeover, and the latest to go under the knife is Fir building.... Continue Reading

Peaceful activist booted off campus

On Wednesday July 28, Emery Warner caught the attention of the usually mellow security guards for handing out flyers that protest Kwantlen’s new catering company, Sodexo.... Continue Reading

Parking fees rise again

Students returning to Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the fall can expect to be hit by yet another parking fee increase.... Continue Reading

Tim Hortons construction finally underway

Construction began last week on the Kwantlen Tim Hortons in Cedar 1105, which is expected to open this September.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen’s controversial research fee

Kwantlen Polytechnic University will be reviewing the decision to accept a $50,000 research fee from the Century Group for the research on the company’s controversial Southlands development proposal.... Continue Reading

Aboriginal Gathering Place off to a slow but steady start

Kwantlen’s new Aboriginal Gathering Place, located in the main building of the Surrey Campus, has received significant attention for its contemporary design and architecture... Continue Reading

No Credit Cards: Proposed tuition payment changes may come into effect as early as fall

The Kwantlen Board of Governors approved draft budget amendments this spring which may entail restrictions on the use of credit cards for tuition payments. ... Continue Reading