No End in Sight to the Humanitarian Crisis Afflicting 80 per cent of Yemen’s Population

Out of the 28 million people who live in Yemen, a country at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia, approximately 22 million of them are in need of aid. The United Nations Refugee Agency is calling it “a neglected crisis.” Reportedly, 17 million are going without adequate food, two million have... Continue Reading

After 25 Years at KPU, Music Instructor Don Hlus Has Been Laid Off

KPU Music Instructor and Director of Guitar Don Hlus has “regrettably accepted” a full layoff. The layoff comes after a recent suspension of student intake into KPU’s music program, which is impacting the workload of the music faculty. “Regarding my own situation, I don’t anticipate returning to KPU and part of me simply wants to... Continue Reading

How to Defeat FoMO: Be Your Own Best Friend

Fear of Missing Out, or FoMO, was something I often experienced way before I knew there was a funny acronym for it. Being casual friends with several different circles throughout high school, I didn’t feel like an integral part of any one friend group. I felt like an afterthought, dispensable, unimportant. I’d be invited to... Continue Reading

It’s Okay to be Uncertain of Your Post-Graduation Future

It was a rainy Tuesday morning in the fall of 2013, and I was taking the bus to my first day of English 1100. Summer had ended just as abruptly as most good things tend to. My youth is over, I remember thinking. Time to get serious. Our first lecture was on “rhetorical skills,” a... Continue Reading

Surrey’s Annual Fusion Fest: A Unique Blend of Culture and Tradition

The myriad of cultures that come together for Surrey’s annual Fusion Fest represent the cultural diversity of our community. From Peruvian flute music to Indian cuisine to traditional Chinese dance performances, the variety and authenticity of the festivities there, all within a stone’s throw from one another, is a truly beautiful sight to behold.  “I... Continue Reading

CASA Report Challenges the Idea that Student Voters are Apathetic

A report recently released by a non-partisan, not-for-profit group called the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) explores “what motivates 18-25 year olds leading up to the federal election.” The report addresses the myth that young people are too apathetic to go out and vote. One of its first key findings is that, “contrary to... Continue Reading

New Hotline Launched as Part of a National Effort to Combat Human Trafficking

Content warning: this article discusses issues related to sexual violence and assault. Reachable at 1-833-900-1010, a Human Trafficking Hotline was launched by the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking (CCEHT) in early June. The 24-hour hotline is the first of its kind in Canada, and is available in more than 200 languages and dialects. “The... Continue Reading

B.C. Created 600 New Reasons to Go Camping in 2019; Here are Two More

Last month, B.C. announced that nearly 600 new campsites will be created in parks and recreation sites across the province. This is in addition to the 431 campsites constructed last year, bringing our two-year net gain of campsites to 1,025.  Now, if camping isn’t something you do much, you’re probably missing out. All it really... Continue Reading

Vancouver and Victoria Should Hop Off of Horse-Drawn Carriages

You’ve probably seen them in Stanley Park or on the streets of Victoria: cartloads of sweaty, uninterested tourists awkwardly bunched into horse-drawn carriages. And for some reason, if you drive one of those things, you’re required by law to dress like it’s the 1800s. That’s your first sign that horse-drawn carriages are an outdated mode... Continue Reading

Wilson School of Design Offers the Best Fashion Education in Canada, According to Business of Fashion Magazine

The Wilson School of Design at KPU was recently featured in Business of Fashion magazine’s guide to the top fashion schools around the world, and was even named the “best overall” fashion school in Canada. In addition to being one of only two Canadian schools acknowledged in the guide, the Wilson School also earned badges... Continue Reading

KPU Students Ran an Amazing Race on June 12

On June 12, KPU students were invited to take part in a two-hour race that took them around the Surrey campus as they looked for clues, solved riddles, completed challenges, and cooperated in pairs. This was the second annual KPU edition of The Amazing Race. One competitor, Nick Gill, says he was going all out... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Artist Comments on the Harm Caused by Canada's Knock-off Indigenous Art Market

According to a recent article in The Discourse a study commissioned by the Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia in 2010 found that “88 per cent of small Indigenous-themed souvenirs sold in Vancouver, like keychains, stickers and magnets, were created and sold with no participation from Indigenous artists at all.” These knock-off pieces are typically... Continue Reading

Pottery Exhibition Encourages the Growth of Ceramic Artists at KPU

Ceramic artists, including some fine arts students from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, had their work showcased throughout May in the Spruce Gallery on the Surrey campus. Hosted by the Fraser Valley Potters Guild, the annual juried exhibition—which this year was entitled Growth—aimed to display the work of artists at a wide variety of skill levels, from... Continue Reading

Surrey Doesn’t Need to Ban Vape Shops

Remember when it seemed like everyone and their mom had a fidget spinner? You could find those puppies everywhere from convenience stores and gas stations to mall kiosks. This sensational trend eventually died out, as even the most trendy trends tend to do. But vaping, on the other hand, has all the fashionable qualities of... Continue Reading

The 319 is, Officially, the Worst

“Move to the baaaack!” is something that anyone who takes the 319 bus route between Newton Exchange and Scott Road station hears a lot. It’s what the driver yells pretty much every time they stop in front of KPU’s Surrey campus during peak hours. For its part, TransLink has proposed to solve the problem by... Continue Reading