Addressing Canada’s food insecurity crisis requires immediate systemic change

It has been 25 years since Debbie Thomas stood in line at the food bank in Port Moody, but she still remembers the stares, the shame, and the crumbling loaves of bread. Her daughter Sherri was just one year old when the weekly visits began, and Thomas had a second child on the way. Thomas... Continue Reading

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answers questions at KPU virtual townhall

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid a virtual visit to Kwantlen Polytechnic University to take questions in a town hall from his office in the nation’s capital. Students, staff, and faculty attended the Zoom event on Nov. 4, with topics including climate change, cybersecurity, and drinking water in Indigenous communities. “It was a great event. We... Continue Reading

Delay of Student Loan Funding Causes Confusion for KPU Students

With assignments stacking up and the occasional snow day throwing the city into temporary chaos, nobody needs to worry about being unable to pay their bills mid-semester. Yet, many students were faced with financial uncertainty after a technical glitch prevented student aid money from reaching some of its applicants on time. While students who applied... Continue Reading

A Century From Now, Not Even the Republic of Alberta will Profit from Oil and Gas

Growing up in the bastion of Liberalism that is Vancouver, it’s hard to put oneself in the shoes of those for whom carbon-intensive industry has always been the bedrock of a quality life. But imagine mass foreclosure and bankruptcy, communities fraught with unemployment and suicide, marriages falling apart, kids going hungry. These are challenges with... Continue Reading
Alex Tam (right) won third place in the "Chinese Bridge" competition. (
Alex Tam (right) won third place in the "Chinese Bridge" competition. (

KPU Student Wins Award in Mandarin Speech Contest

With over a billion native speakers, Mandarin is the most commonly spoken language worldwide. It is also the fastest growing and second most common language in Greater Vancouver, with 2016 census data recording over 385,000 Chinese speakers here. Each year, the Confucius Institute at BCIT hosts the annual “Chinese Bridge” Mandarin Speech Contest and Mandarin... Continue Reading

Discount Flights are Taking Off in Vancouver

Canadians love to travel. But due in part to our relatively small population and massive land area, domestic air travel in Canada is some of the most expensive in the world. Fortunately for us Vancouverites who are strapped for cash but still want to venture outside of the province, things are looking up in 2018... Continue Reading

Indigenous Dance Festival Comes to UBC’s Museum of Anthropology

For the many distinct Indigenous groups of the Pacific Northwest, dance is more than just an art form. It is a medium through which history has been passed down over generations. It preserves the stories, both past and present, of Indigenous people. From Feb. 27 to March 4, the 11th annual Coastal First Nations Dance... Continue Reading

Bhangra Music and Dance Brings Rhythm to KPU Classes

Aspects of Punjabi culture are all around us at KPU Surrey, from restaurants serving delicious food to events like the annual Vaisakhi parade. A central part of this culture is Bhangra, a type of dance and music characterized by exuberance, high-energy movements, and hard work. Within the Punjabi community, Bhangra is an opportunity to connect... Continue Reading

Next Year KPU Students Can Visit Havana and Earn Credits with the Cuba Field School

If you’ve ever thought about taking a summer course but hate the idea of staring at the sunshine from behind a classroom window, there’s an exciting opportunity for you next year. From May 29 to June 12, Kwantlen Polytechnic University will be taking students to Cuba as part of an interdisciplinary field school. This is... Continue Reading

Vertical Farming is on the Rise in Abbotsford

As the effects of climate change and overpopulation become more and more apparent, traditional farming methods seem less likely to provide long-term sustainability for our planet. One potential method of addressing this problem is with a concept called “vertical farming,” which packs more agriculture into a smaller land area by building upwards, much like a... Continue Reading

Two New Courses Added to KPU’s Cannabis Professional Series

With the introduction of the Cannabis Professional Series nearly two years ago, Kwantlen Polytechnic University began training Canadians to work in the emerging medical and recreational cannabis industry. The online program, which began in anticipation of future legalization, initially consisted of three courses: “Plant Production & Facility Management”, “Marketing, Sales, and Drug Development”, and “Financing... Continue Reading

KPU Farm School Grad Grows Hard-to-Find Chinese Veggies in Richmond

Caroline Chiu is bridging the gap between Vancouver and Hong Kong with locally-grown bok choy KPU Farm School graduate Caroline Chiu has been making sure that Vancouverites eat their greens by growing organic Chinese veggies on her farm in Richmond. Chiu moved to Hong Kong from Vancouver at a young age, and when she returned... Continue Reading

Surrey Filmmakers Receive $10,000 Grant for Web Series

The money will fund the Lux-Me pilot, which will air on the Storyhive website in February A team of Surrey filmmakers were granted $10,000 last month to create a sci-fi romantic comedy web series that follows two South Asian youths in Vancouver. The grant comes from the Storyhive contest which funds community-based film projects in... Continue Reading