KSA council fires chief returning officer

No new dates scheduled for by-election and referendum.... Continue Reading

Cram Jam concert costs students $125,000

KSA director of finance says larger-scale concert was “the will of the students.”... Continue Reading

KSA adopts letter condemning senate rep

Girodat says letter is an attempt to “crush dissent through defamation.”... Continue Reading

KSA legal spending passes $250,000 mark

Student association pays out $112,000 on legal and professional fees line item since Aug. 23... Continue Reading

KSA by-election and referendum canceled

University accuses KSA president of interfering in student elections.... Continue Reading

Bill C-10: crime is money

Criminologist Mike Larsen thinks that tough-on-crime legislation will be tough on Canadians’ wallets too.... Continue Reading

Student association sues KSA Truth website

Suit alleges website is “part of a deliberate campaign to defame” the KSA.... Continue Reading

Social justice space launched in Surrey

University gains a positive, physical space for Pride Kwantlen and student-run clubs; faculty feels elbowed out of its employee lounge.... Continue Reading

Former general manager sues KSA

Student association accused of having “irreparably tarnished his professional reputation.”... Continue Reading

Aboriginal students headed for DTES

Downtown Eastside Smudge Ceremony held to remember First Nations Women. ... Continue Reading

KSA hires private security; bars students

Executive board pays $681.79 to Genesis Security for four guards.... Continue Reading

KSA legal expenses soar to $159,000

Legal and professional fees line item over budget by nearly 300 per cent.... Continue Reading

KSA conflict allegations still unresolved

Council members ask for answers.... Continue Reading

KSA proposes fee change; calls by-election

New fee structure to axe special purpose funds in favour of one larger fee.... Continue Reading

Cram Jam concert moved off-campus

City officials and university dispute charges of racism.... Continue Reading