Going Global: All Trumped Up

Trump’s foreign policy could be a disaster If Trump wants to enact the changes that he talked about on the campaign trail, there could be a massive shift in the geopolitical chessboard, and it’s not good. While many consider the United States to be the most powerful country in the world, they’re not the superpower... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Phono Pony

On the Vulnerability of Making Music with Shay Hayashi and Micheal Kenyon The cover of Phono Pony’s first EP, Phonography, is eye-catching on the surface and meaningful beneath. Emblazoned boldly on its face are the two nude figures of its members, Shay Hayashi and Michael Kenyon, barely obscured by various pieces of analog technology. Obviously,... Continue Reading

Going Global: The Philippines

President Duterte pivots towards China Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte made a name for himself when he called U.S. President Barack Obama a “son of a bitch,” and said that he didn’t like Americans. It was little surprise that Obama cancelled their meeting the day of his comments. Duarte might appear controversial from the outside, given... Continue Reading

Sustainable Living: Green up your clean up

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that long exposure to chemicals can be hazardous to your health. So why is there an ever-growing list of chemicals present in all your standard household cleaners and other common household items? Here’s the kicker: when it comes to cleaners, you don’t even need chemicals to get... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Ram Hoss

Seven years of songwriting by Jordon Hossack It was late morning in Jasper, British Columbia, and the mist still hadn’t burned off from under the sun when we met Jordon Hossack for a meal of french fries and tequila. He arrived a little late, wearing a wide, toothy smile and a backpack full of CDs.... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Freak Dream

Local musician Elliot Langford heals and experiments with new solo project Since the millennium, Elliot Langford has contributed to some of the most interesting indie bands to sweep Vancouver. Way back in 2008 he was a part of experimental noise-pop group SSRIs—a personal favourite of mine that, incidentally, introduced my teeny-bopping self to the city’s... Continue Reading

Sustainable Living: How to Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

Living sustainably doesn’t have to be hard, and it certainly doesn’t have to mean giving up or going without. One of the first things I chose to commit to in my quest to live more sustainably was to purchase fewer single-use items. That meant not allowing myself to purchase my morning cup of joe without... Continue Reading

Going Global: Cyber Warfare

Data is already the next battlefield World leaders aren’t taking internet security as seriously as they should. You’d think they would after an allegedly American-Israeli cyber weapon—Stuxnet—proved that they could sabotage a power plant in Iran remotely, and after the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee email servers. While many like to joke that Al... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Breakpoint

How psychedelics sent three high school friends into music For Jaeden Engelland, Jacob Winter-Gray, and Noah Fletcher, the name Breakpoint represents a fundamental shift in how we perceive the world around us. In Winter-Gray and Fletcher’s case, that shift came after a psychedelic trip that changed their lives and eventually led to the creation of... Continue Reading

Going Global: The relationship between the House of Saud and the U.S. is an awkward one

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” is the battle thesis of modern statecraft, and one often applied to the relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. No great power gets away with a clean conscience, and that can be seen when the U.S. will, on one hand, completely condemn and act against the... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Gohj-ji

Navin Sahjpaul’s music through loss, healing, and premonition Music as an outlet is peacefully cathartic—an opportunity for boundless expression in a uniquely personal way. Due to those purifying qualities, the most heartfelt records are often written by those going through a tough time. For Vancouver solo act Gohj-ji, faced with the loss of his mother... Continue Reading

Going Global: Russia struggles to make the best plays with the worst cards

After taking Crimea, addressing dissent in the Caucuses, and playing geopolitical chess with Turkey and Syria, it might appear that the Russian state is strong. It’s not. Turkey, which has squarely been an ally of the West and NATO for the last several decades, is becoming more and more anti-American, going so far as to... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Frogpile

Their big debut and future plans Frogpile pleasently surprised Vancouver’s local scene with the release of Jackie, the four piece’s debut EP. The record is technically three tracks long, including a 40-second interlude, but the two full-lengths stand out as some of the catchiest spring-summer tunes to make it into the city’s underground. While the... Continue Reading

How to Help the Bees

Yard Neglect And Preventative Measures To Boost Bee Population Imagine a world where corn and potatoes are your only form of sustenance. Honeybees are responsible for the pollination of a great number of plants worldwide, and without bees around to pollinate the plants we eat, “a third of our food would be taken out of... Continue Reading

Going Global: Turkey

What does a coup d’état mean for Turkey’s geopolitical situation? Editors note: The situation in Turkey is rapidly changing, and as a result, this article will surely be out of date by print time. Two weeks ago, a portion of Turkey’s military attempted to assert control over the country. While there are many longform articles... Continue Reading